Marco Lavin addresses rumors of a relationship with Ana Araujo amid Pablo Lyle’s imprisonment

Marco Lavin, Ana Araujo's alleged boyfriend, speaks out on rumored romance with Pablo Lyle's wife while the actor is still in prison.

Marco Lavin, renowned stylist and photographer, recently broke his silence amidst rumors of a budding romantic relationship with businesswoman Ana Araujo. Araujo, still seemingly married to Pablo Lyle, has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

On the 12th of September, Araujo shared an intimate photo of herself embracing Lavin on her Instagram stories. This led to intense speculation, given that Araujo has not publicly announced her separation or divorce from Lyle, who remains imprisoned following a conviction for involuntary manslaughter.

Lavin’s plea to the public

Reacting to the uproar, Lavin posted a cryptic yet firm message on his social media. He wrote, “Bread and circus. Now they even say I’m a businessman, ha, ha, ha. If only they knew I’m still collecting coins for the whales in the neighborhood and loose tobacco.” He further cautioned, “Don’t believe everything you read ‘homies,’ including me.” This message accompanied a black and white ‘selfie’ of the stylist.

Despite the ambiguity, interactions between Lavin and Araujo on digital platforms suggest a closeness since at least March of this year.

Marco Lavin statements on his alleged relationship with Pablo Lyle's wife

Andrea Legarreta, a close friend of the film’s lead actor in ‘Mirreyes vs. Godínez,’ commented on the situation between Lyle and Araujo. She stated that the duo discussed Araujo’s future as Lyle faced incarceration. Legarreta remarked, “They had a conversation about it: he still has a few years in prison, and life outside has been very challenging for her.”

In April, Araujo candidly spoke about her relationship with Lyle, father of her children Aranza and Mauro, in an interview with Caras magazine. “It’s super good,” she asserted. “Thanks to his situation, I’m happy because it makes me realize we have everything to be happy, as we’re simply free,” she expressed.

Araujo’s response to critics?

After Ana Araujo shared a photograph in which she appears in a romantic situation with a man who is not Pablo Lyle, the criticisms were not long in coming on social media. Cybernauts launched themselves against her, saying that she is rebuilding her life while her husband and the father of her children is in jail.

Although Araujo did not provide further details about the identity of the man, it is known that he is a photographer and stylist who even shared a few weeks ago on social networks a video in which he cuts Araujo’s hair and at the end, they kiss each other on the lips.

Ana Araujo response to criticism for her new alleged relationship with Marco Lavin

In her networks, the businesswoman shared a reflection as a response to the attack, and she expressed that people prefer to judge the actions of others before exploring in themselves what is wrong and what hurts them.

“How difficult it is to see a woman who makes you uncomfortable. That her way of being, dressing, or living is out of your mental structures. How uncomfortable it is to be shown that the world is much bigger than you know. How difficult it is to see another person do what your heart yearns for, but you don’t dare,” it reads.

Ana Araujo’s message ends: “It hurts to repair, but if you look back at yourself, if you look at yourself, you will realize that there is an infinite world to explore and that beyond the pain, you will find peace.”

Andrea Legarreta defended that Ana is rebuilding her life. She assured that she and Pablo Lyle talked about it and would have the actor’s approval to live her life the way she wants to while he serves his sentence.