Marco Romero will launch a program through social networks to spread Creole music

The singer-songwriter Marco Romero said that he is very excited because he is preparing a new musical project that will be seen through social networks and will be a window for the new values ​​of criollismo.

“I am involved in this project, which is a program through social networks, which is something that I am very passionate about because I want to have an internet format that is linked to Peruvian music where not only singers are rescued, but also the producers, performers, composers, know the stories of the songs, the new values ​​”, affirmed the creator of ‘I believe in you’.

In addition, through the networks you can reach a new audience …

Exactly. We can do singing and composition competitions not only in Lima, but also in the provinces and the world of networks allows me to do so. That is what I am involved in, I hope that in March the program can come out.

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You keep promoting your song ‘My blessed place’.

That’s how it is. This is the first song on my new album and we did it with Renata Flores, who is a very talented girl, a young woman of only 20 years old and has a career that is progressing very well. In addition, the video clip was recorded in Ayacucho and I am very happy about that.

They also remain steadfast in ‘One and a Thousand Voices.’

The television program was established in the format that was invented with the pandemic, which was videos and recording some things on the outside, others in the studio and it has been very popular. We are very happy with the program that continues, thank God, on TV Peru in 2022. With Bartola we continue to lead the program, I am already 4 years old and she is 10. I have also celebrated 10 years on National Radio with my program ‘Súbele the volume ‘, which goes from 1 to 3 in the afternoon.

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Marco Romero awaits an invitation to participate in ‘The Artist of the Year’: “We must do everything”

The singer-songwriter Marco Romero affirmed that he had a great time in Gisela Valcárcel’s Christmas special and hopes that next year he will be called to participate in ‘The Artist of the Year’.

“The two times I was on Gisela’s show, as a judge and on the Christmas special, I had a great time. The talent is incredible, as singers like Yahaira, César Vega, Estrella have evolved, but Ruby’s (Palomino) stage is very strong. I hope they call me to sing in ‘The Artist of the Year’ “, he pointed.

Would you like to participate in ‘The artist of the year’, because you are a career artist and could play against you?

Yes, of course I would. Look, Josimar has passed through the program, who has many years and a lot of court, Yahaira also has it, Ruby Palomino the same and if they invite me I would go.


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