María Celeste Arrarás makes a shocking revelation of her salary in Al Rojo Vivo

Maria Celeste Arrarasthe presenter from Puerto Rico, revealed details of her previous work in Red Hot produced by television Telemundo. Soon, she will be two years old since she left the program where she collaborated for 18 years.

This information was shared by the presenter during an interview conducted by Erika de la Vega. She tells him that despite the fact that her dismissal was a surprise, she did not take it badly to leave Telemundo because she understands that the reasons were well founded.

Well, the television station could no longer continue to pay for its services due to the severe budget cuts that they had to apply due to the pandemic. The presenter narrated that the situation that led to her dismissal was that she could continue to pay the production team with her salary.

How much did María Celeste Arrarás earn in Al Rojo Vivo?

María Celeste Arrarás in Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo. María Celeste and her partner Myrka Dellanos.

Maria Celeste Arraras explained in an example that the television company, Telemundo, I was doing a cut of 20 members of each production team. Then, Red Hot He could not continue without that amount of personnel, since he calculated that there would only be five people left, including her.

“It is impossible to take the show to the air like this, but they took away from me that I earned what 20 earned and with that they solve the problem.”

This situation left the program in an inoperable situation but with the presenter’s salary they could continue paying the rest. She understood that strategically it was necessary and that it was not a disregard for her work. She was on good terms with all the other members of the television station.

In addition, he added that the insurance of Telemundo continued to pay his salary for two more years, as they were in breach of the terms of the contract he signed. So nobody lost out. In addition, the network has already decided who will replace María Celeste in the program.

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How old is María Celeste Arrarás?

María Celeste and her partner Myrka Dellanos.

Currently, the famous presenter and journalist María Celeste Arrarás is 61 years old. Although she was born in Puerto Rico, she moved to the United States where she had a career of 35 years.

before being in Red Hotwas collaborating in First impact next to Myrca Dellanos. After leaving Telemundo, he has now just started a new collaboration with the network CNN in Spanish and He comments that it is a new stage in his life.

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