María Chacón is all the rage in a tight blue dress, for her new project

Maria Chacon She constantly surprises her followers by showing herself as a very stylish woman, this time was no exception and with a tight blue dressshowed her beauty and presumed that she is recording a new soap opera.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that María Chacón is returning to soap operas, as she will be part of a new Televisa production.

Let’s remember that María Chacón is one of the actresses who started her career from her childhood, being part of the children’s talent of Televisa.

María Chacón dazzles in her new telenovela

María Chacón returns to soap operas. The actress caused a furor by showing off her beauty. How old is Maria Chacon?

It was through her Instagram account that the actress, who has also been part of Netflix, showed her look for one of the scenes of “Cabo” the new Televisa soap opera, where she will share credits with Bárbara de Regil.

The Mexican actress will give life to “Bárbara” and through her social networks she has surprised by showing some outfits that she will wear in the melodrama.

In one of her recent photographs, she showed off her beauty in a tight and tiny blue dress, which also had a plunging neckline and, as expected, received stories of compliments.

The actress caused a furor by showing off her beauty. How old is Maria Chacon?

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How old is Maria Chacon?

How old is Maria Chacon?

Currently the actress María Chacón is 31 years old, she was born on July 10, 1991 in Baja California and from her childhood she began her career in show business.

Maria Chacón’s first telenovela was “Alegrijes y Rebujos”, playing Sofia Domínguez “La Chofis”, a character who after almost 20 years is still remembered.

It will be in the next soap opera “Cabo” where fans of Maria Chacon you can enjoy the beauty of the actress in spectacular outfits in addition to her great talent.

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