María Chacón poses with her back on the balcony, showing off her rear in a mini thong

After several months of not posting on Instagram, Maria Chacon has turned up the heat thanks to a collection of images showing her on one of her recent trips. In addition, she highlighted a black and white video that shows her from behind and on her balcony, wearing a mini-thong that highlighted her rear to the fullest. She supplemented her post with the message “I disappeared but I wasn’t dead…I was enjoying life”.

The Mexican actress – who achieved fame since she was a child – is greatly admired for her statuesque figure and her popularity on that social network is growing more and more, to the point of having more than a million followers. She also promotes various products, underwear and even exclusives. resorts on the beach, to which he goes during his vacations.

Maria Chacon currently working on the new season of the comedy show “Rooms for rent”in which he shares credits with Itatí Cantoral Y Armando Hernandez. Her character in “Shantalle” has been liked by the public, and in a recent interview she herself pointed out: “For me it has been gratifying to go out on the street and that everyone recognizes me with this role and tells me ‘Shanty baby’” .

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