María Chacón raises the temperature from Tulum with a tiny dental floss bikini, which barely covers her intimate part

Mexican actress Maria Chacon is raising the temperature on her Instagram account, where she shared a series of images where she models a tiny bikini, which barely covers her private parts.

The young actress spends a well-deserved vacation in Tulum, located in the southern state of Quintana Roo, which has its coasts in the waters of the Caribbean, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mexico.

The beautiful 30-year-old artist shared a couple of photos and a video where shows off a tiny bikini, which reveals a part of her intimate area naked, of how small it is, which is undoubtedly appreciated by its followers on Instagram, since the pupils can be recreated with the anatomy of the actress.

María Chacón in “paradise”

Paradise”, María Chacón wrote on her Instagram account, along with a photograph where she is seen lying down and posing in a brown bikini.

And yes, she moves a million followers to paradise, since the top reaches a little more than half of her bust, but what is leaving more than one breathless is her dental floss bikini that leaves almost all of her rear, as seen in the image, which takes more than one gentleman’s sleep away.

The second image is a video, taken inside a cabin and in the background of seeing the sea and you can hear the sound of the waves.

Conquer with her floss bikini

In the third image, María Chacón appears standing in front of a mirror, taking a photo, where it is seen that the lower part of her bikini covers the most elementary part of her intimate part, since her English and beyond are exposed.

The photos that are undoubtedly heart-stopping, and that make his followers dream on Instagram.

The images carry more than 138,000 likes.

A few days ago he also shared a series of photographs that raised the temperature on the social network, where the artist is seen with the tiny bikini posing from the front, which covers only her intimate part and with such thin straps on the sides, that it aroused the imagination of many, of how her great rear looks.

Those photos have achieved more than 208,000 likes.

And it is that María Chacón is a young woman who loves to show off her anatomy and show more, like the photograph that she published a few days ago where she shows off a tiny orange bikini, where the bra covers less than half of her bust, since she is so small “leaves to the air” a part of them.

Meanwhile, the part is so tiny that it only covers her intimate area, revealing what is called the bikini area.

There is no doubt that looking sexy is her thing and that she has won the admiration of Instagram users.

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