María Conchita Alonso, sorry for COVID contagion Paty Navidad?

  • María Conchita Alonso assured that karma will be present
  • Did Paty Navidad’s friend change her position on COVID?
  • After the contagion of Paty Navidad, now her friend sends a message

María Conchita Alonso COVID Paty Christmas. After sharing the same position on the pandemic, calling it a ‘plandemic’, doubting the existence of the coronavirus, and the effectiveness of vaccines, Paty Navidad admitted that she was ‘wrong’ from her contagion, and now María Conchita Alonso is it join? The interpreter sends a message about COVID.

María Conchita Alonso categorically denied that she would be vaccinated because she did not believe in COVID, but through a video, she assured that her position will change after the contagion of Paty Navidad? A few days ago she recorded a video where she sends a strong message about her friend’s health.

María Conchita Alonso talks about COVID

A video of Univisión Famosos on Instagram, collected the thoughts of María Conchita Alonso after learning that her friend Paty Navidad was infected with COVID and before the ridicule and criticism of people who even wished the Mexican death, now her colleague defended.

“I am very sorry for those people, well, she is sorry that they have wished her death …”, María Conchita Alonso begins by saying about the situation that Paty Navidad is experiencing infected with COVID, where the Mexican had to ‘fold’ her hands and apparently acknowledge that the coronavirus does exist.

María Conchita Alonso, is she still with her position of not believing in COVID?

For months, the two singers have been widely criticized for the outrage that their comments about the pandemic unleashed, calling it a ‘plandemic’ managed by high levels of government to control humans with the issue of COVID and generate fear.

In the same way, the two assured that they did not believe in vaccines, which is why people criticized them for their decision not to protect themselves by wearing masks, not to keep a healthy distance and to criticize the management of the health problem generated by COVID throughout the world. world.

Paty Navidad is still infected with COVID

Maria Conchita Alonso COVID

In the shared video, María Conchita Alonso appears wearing glasses from the sofa at home and sending a clear message to her detractors and to those of Paty Navidad who, after catching COVID, has faced ridicule from people who have even wished her death. for not believing.

“My friend Patricia Navidad, Paty is very well, people have asked me worriedly and I have spoken with her all these days, yesterday she sent me a voice message, it sounds super good …”, said María Conchita Alonso very calm and animated, before telling about death wishes.

People have wished Paty Navidad death due to the COVID issue, says María Conchita Alonso

Paty Christmas

“She regrets those people who have wished her death, well, she cannot make them happy,” said María Conchita Alonso in clear mockery of the messages that Paty Navidad received after catching COVID, and after an alleged account of ‘Official’ Instagram apologized asking people to take care of themselves because ‘the virus does exist’.

“I want to remind you that karma does exist, everything you want for us, good or bad, will come to you, you will receive it and you know, Patricia Navidad, Paty, it’s very good, ok?” video María Conchita Alonso indicating that her position on the issue of COVID is the same.

They ask María Conchita Alonso to take care of COVID

Maria Conchita Alonso COVID

The comments for the video shared by María Conchita Alonso appeared and were the following: “That’s why Karma came to her, she said that there was no Covid and look”, “Ay conchita, take care of yourself my lady, you laugh and you still sound incredulous but Let your colleague Paty NAVIDAD tell you about the scare that happened and she is still recovering, this is not a game Conchita and at your age it is more careful, good luck ”.

“Well these two criticized the world not vaccines. And there one of them was returned to him. Now he does say that the virus exists “,” I want to hear his speech now “,” That is why they are going through what they go through KARMA AND YOU CONCHITA BE CAREFUL YOU ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR FRIEND PATRICIA “,” I do not wish anyone bad but why the stubbornness because it is not ignorance and seeing so many cases they come out with that there is no COVID just for propaganda they are no longer small, “wrote other people. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT MARÍA CONCHITA ALONSO SAYS ABOUT COVID AND PATY CHRISTMAS

Paty Navidad was serious about COVID

After days in which it was reported that Paty Navidad was seriously ill for COVID and even hospitalized for the contagion of coronavirus in the program ‘Master Chef Celebrity’ that was filming in Mexico, where Rebecca De Alba and Laura Flores also tested positive, now the actress and singer Mexican who always denied the existence of the pandemic and the virus, did she repent?

Paty Navidad since the COVID pandemic began around the world has been causing controversy over the position she took on the coronavirus, which she called a ‘plan’ by top world leaders to ‘control’ humanity, ensuring that everything was caused and also that he did not believe in vaccines.

Paty Navidad’s message about the coronavirus that everyone expected

Paty Christmas message coronavirus

The Mexican earned criticism and ridicule from people and even from administrators of the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where her publications on the subject of COVID were censored and her accounts closed due to the misinformation and alarm it caused in her followers.

Despite the above, Paty Navidad denied the existence of the coronavirus and even stated that she did not want to be vaccinated because she did not need it, until a few weeks ago, she finally fell infected with COVID and things were escalating to such a degree that her health was affected and needed hospitalization. Filed Under: María Conchita Alonso COVID Paty Christmas

Sorry, Paty Navidad now assures that COVID does exist

After catching COVID, it was reported that Paty Navidad was admitted to a hospital with her health aggravated and even needed assistance to breathe, which was sarcastic for the Mexican who never thought she could get the coronavirus, much less that her body was very affected.

Apparently, during the Master Chef Celebrity Mexico recordings, several celebrities fell to COVID and among them Paty Navidad, whom everyone supposedly suspected and never believed in the virus, until finally, he had no choice but to send the message. that everyone expected about the pandemic. Filed Under: María Conchita Alonso COVID Paty Christmas

Before Paty Navidad’s message about COVID, people scoffed

In a new Instagram account, attributed to the famous with just one publication and more than 31 thousand followers, Paty Navidad reported on her health status after battling COVID and finally admitted what everyone expected: that the virus does exist : “Thank you for your prayers, we are coming out of this disease, my health is improving, take good care that this virus does exist and because of the bad I had to check it out,” he said.

Quickly, the facts spoke for themselves, which indicate that the Mexican was on the verge of death or in such a critical condition that she had no choice but to clarify her situation in the face of the scare that the coronavirus contagion ‘gave her’, and admit what he had been denying for a long time about the pandemic and for this reason the mockery of the people did not wait. Filed Under: María Conchita Alonso COVID Paty Christmas

Paty Navidad now believes in the coronavirus

Paty Christmas COVID coronavirus

After admitting that the virus does exist, on the Suelta la Sopa Instagram account where her message about her health was released, Paty Navidad received all kinds of comments: “Wow, to err is human. This virus is not a mess, it ends up with just anyone “,” But ignorance is daring, I had to experience it firsthand to prove it “,” I hope you think things through rather than talking nonsense, this is not a game, it is the pure reality the COVID-19 “.

And more people joined in reacting to her message that COVID does exist: “I am a believer in karma but it came to her very quickly”, “You don’t have to judge her, she happened to him as Saint Thomas, she had to see to believe. Nobody is perfect, the man continues to give him complete healing “,” Now if you want to get the 3 vaccines, it is not good to talk. ” Filed Under: María Conchita Alonso COVID Paty Christmas