María Grazia Polanco without jealousy of Amy Gutiérrez and Álvaro Rod: “I will always wish them the best”

The vocalist of Orquesta Bembe, María Grazia Polanco, pointed out that she has a friendly relationship with her ex-partner, the singer Alvaro Rod, so he has no problem wishing him well after speculating that he would be flirting with sauce boat Amy Gutiérrez.

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María Grazia, recently it became known that you had a romantic relationship with Álvaro. Is there a possibility that they can take things up again?

It was a relationship when we were 13 years old, we broke up and then we came back at 14 and we stayed that way until we were 15, but now we are very good friends. Ours was ‘chibolazos’ and I always wish him the best.

By the way, it is speculated that Álvaro would be flirting with Amy. Did you get that rumor?

Yes, I have heard it, but I think they are ‘legs’ too, but if so (they are in little outlets), well I will always wish them the best because they are two good people.

Maria Grazia Polanco


How is the heart going?

Single. I hope to find love this year, 2022 is a year of changes in my life, so I hope that many of my dreams will come true.

Is there a special suitor?

No, because I don’t even go out, but this year I’m going out. I’ll give myself my little getaways, you have to give yourself a chance for the job.

What comes with Orquesta Bembe?

A new song, I know you will like it very much, so stay tuned to our social networks and I want to announce that all summer we will be in ‘Punta Bar’, in the district of Punta Negra.