María Karunna de Caló reveals why she has not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19

Maria Karunna, members of the musical group Slang has revealed that is not vaccinated against COVID-19, since like other celebrities like Paty Navidad and Miguel Bosé, the singer considers that biological has negative effects on health.

“I am afraid of the vaccine … Because I have investigated things that it brings that are harmful,” said the artist during an interview on the program “Sale el Sol.”

As we have told you in AmericanPost.News, Miguel Bosé has declared himself anti-vaccines like the singer and actress Paty Navidad and many other stars of national and international stature. As several celebrities reject the existence of the pandemic, and consider that vaccines against the virus are only to affect humanity.

María Karunna has not been able to work because she is required to be vaccinated

The singer said the reasons why she “fears” receiving the immunization / Photo: Café Negro Portal María has been characterized by having a spectacular body thanks to fitness life / Photo: Instagram

The Caló member confessed some of her fears about this health measure “I do want to see my grandchildren, I do want to reach my 70 years, and there have been testimonies of people who do die, of people who get pneumonia, get heart attacks, get paralyzed … How can I not be afraid of the vaccine?”He declared.

In addition, María Karunna mentioned that to return to work on stage they have asked her to be vaccinated, something that has left her “between a rock and a hard place”: “I am suffering because of that, I’m seeing how to get rid of it, but let’s see what happens because I can’t stop working either“Said the 48-year-old singer.

The Caló member gives her recommendations to be healthy

María has been characterized by having a spectacular body thanks to her fitness life / Photo: Instagram

The interpreter also mentioned that people should do exercise and eat a healthy diet, and in this way diseases would be reduced, since she considers that a healthy life is the most important thing.

María Karunna de Caló left open the possibility of at some point being vaccinated against COVID-19 if it is really necessary to return to work, but she hopes that the pandemic will end soon so that she does not have to.

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