María León turns on the net in a tight sports outfit from the gym

María León is always on everyone’s lips, if not for her spectacular voice. She does it with the great body she has earned with constant exercise and discipline that she demonstrates daily through her social networks to her thousands of followers.

The Mexican singer not only stands out for her melodious voice and rhythms when dancing but also for her sculpted gym body.

Whether posing in a daring swimsuit or modeling an elegant dress, the pop singer always wins the hearts of her fans with the hot and fiery pictures circulate through social networks.

The tight sports outfit of the ‘Sergeant’ Léon

The tight sports outfit of ‘Sergeant’ Léon

Through her official Instagram account, the Mexican singer shares her exercise routines that have left extraordinary results in her body, which she combines with strenuous dance routines and pole dance.

On this occasion, Sergeant Leon shared her wardrobe, posing in a tiny pink top and black lycra after an intense workout session while she was accompanied in the postcard by her workout partner.

As expected, internet users showered her with thousands of comments praising her spectacular figure, while many others asked her for some beauty tips and exercise routines to become like her.

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“The perfect woman has a name, and it’s Maria Leon,” “Only Maria can look this beautiful when she wakes up,” said the comments.

How did María León become famous?

How did María León become famous?

This celebrity rose to fame thanks to the recognition that music gave her with the group Playa Limbo, where she popularized great songs such as “El eco de Tu Voz,” “El Tiempo de ti,” and “Piérdeme el Respeto.”

After leaving the group and dedicating herself to her solo career, the singer also participated in important reality shows such as “Bailando Por Un Sueño” and the third season of “¿Quién es la Máscara,” winning first place in both programs.

Currently, we can see María León in the new reality cooking show for HBO Max, where she will share credits with Margarita, Belinda, Emmanuel, Itatí Cantoral, Erik Rubín, and Mannuna, among other great celebrities.