María León turns upside down doing pole dancing on stage

for almost two years Mary Leon had to postpone the concert that marked his return to the stage due to the coronavirus pandemic. On January 15, he was finally able to perform it at the Metropólitan Theater, and now he shared on his account Instagram photos and videos in which he appears at various moments of the show, highlighting his dance of pole dancing, in which he turned upside down showing off his toned figure.

The occasion also gave rise to the Mexican singer showing off her body wearing different outfits, such as a golden bodysuit and another with rhinestones, in images that delighted her more than two million followers on that social network.

For the purpose of this year, Maria began taking drum lessons, and her interest is to master the instrument. In his concert he showed his advances (provoking an ovation from the public), but he also shared a video in which he appears rehearsing: “The first week of classes: a lot of exercises with the metronome and learning to follow the click and improvise without going out of time… not achieved but well tried☺️😅”.

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