María Levy breaks down in tears on social networks and requested urgent help from the airport

In the midst of the scandal that his family is experiencing after the accusations faced by his uncle Coco Levy, brother of the late Mariana Levyhis daughter María decided to take a break from all this controversy and undertook a trip, but in the end it turned out to be a nightmare for the eldest daughter of the protagonist of “La Pícara Soñadora”.

Mary Levy became a topic of conversation in the entertainment world after sharing several photos in which he confirmed that he was not having a good time during his vacation in Indonesia.

On his Instagram account, the young photographer uploaded several stories in which she expressed her sadness and anguish after her arrival in Asia did not go as expectedso I don’t hesitate for a second to share it with its millions of followers.

On the digital platform, María Levy shared an image in which she revealed that her arrival at her new destination was quite sad, because her suitcase did not arrive. In addition, he requested help from the airlines to provide him with an explanation of what happened.

Instagram Maria Levy

“My suitcase did not arrive. someone with unemploymentwrote the renowned granddaughter of Talina Fernández.

Due to the emergency, The young woman had to make several panic purchases since all her elegant outfits were left in her suitcase; The young woman shared several photos showing off the clothes that she acquired upon her arrival from Indonesia.

Despite the complaint he made, Until now, María Levy has not informed if her bags have already arrived at their new destination.. However, apparently, he left behind the “tragedy” because he continues to enjoy the beautiful countries that country offers.

This publication did not go unnoticed by anyone as hundreds of followers sent their support and wished it to be resolved soon. Others advised him to enjoy the experience he is living.

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