María Levy, daughter of Mariana Levy becomes the sensation of OnlyFans

María Levy, who lost her mother, Mariana Levy, in her childhood, is now 26 years old and proves that she inherited the beauty of the late actress, becoming the new sensation of OnlyFans.

In American Post News, we told you that María constantly steals sighs on social networks. In addition to demonstrating her incredible beauty with daring photographs, she shares her love for art.

Let’s remember that María Levy was one of the pioneers of OnlyFans in Mexico, with which she monopolized the showbiz gossip. However, now she shows that her beauty has led her to success on the platform.

Maria Levy conquers OnlyFans.

María Levy shows that she inherited her mother’s beauty.

Seventeen years after the fateful accident where Mariana Levy lost her life, María Levy, daughter of the actress Ariel López Padilla, has shown that she inherited her mother’s beautiful physical features and now triumphs on OnlyFans.

Before being the sensation of OnlyFans, María Levy dedicated herself to learning about art and photography, which she shows on her social networks, and her love for traveling.

María Levy on Instagram.

María Levy’s Instagram photo

Maria Levy’s social media

María Levy has nearly 30,000 followers on OnlyFans and has become a sensation on the platform. In addition to posing in daring photographs, she has shown that she is a defender of body positivity.

Mariana Levy death

What happened to Mariana Levy?

María Levy’s mother, actress Mariana Levy died on April 29, 2005, from a heart attack provoked by the fear of a possible robbery while driving with her children and her husband, José María Fernández.

More on María Levy:

Mariana Levy had three children, María Lopez Levy, Paula Fernandez, and Jose Emilio Fernandez, although María has been the most active in show business.

On her part, María Levy has confessed the difficult episode that was the death of her mother, with whom she admits she was very close.