María Rubio, the iconic actress behind “Catalina Creel”, would be 87 years old

María Rubio, the iconic actress behind “Catalina Creel”, would be 87 years old

There are characters that become unforgettable and the public’s spoiled for their charisma or the evils they did in front of the screens; such is the case of the most famous villain on television, “Catalina Creel”, who was played by the leading actress María Rubio.

Thanks to its important role in the telenovela “Cuna de Lobos”, which was broadcast in 1986, María Rubio became one of the best known actresses in Latin America; So this September 21, the famous woman is remembered more than ever, as she would be 87 years old.

A day like today but 1934, María de Jesús Rubio Tejero was born, the woman who years later would be part of the cast of the melodrama considered one of the ten best in the history of television, according to People en Español magazine.

However, Cuna de Lobos was not the only project in which the famous woman participated, since throughout her career she worked on 10 films and 25 soap operas, such as “Las dos faces de Ana” and “Querida eneiga”, being “Una lucky family ”the last in which he gave life to a character, Ines de la Borbolla.

It was in 2018 when the world said goodbye to María Rubio after suffering a heart attack, which was confirmed by his granddaughter Fernanda Reyes Pedret: “My grandmother, my idol, my role model is now resting with my dad. Two guardians take care of us from wherever they are #MariaRubio “he wrote via Twitter.

Of course, the news shocked the public who grew up watching the actress through their screens with the different projects in which she participated.

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