Mariah Carey wore an evening dress to go to a McDonald’s restaurant, and shared the video

Mariah Carey, the woman who once asked to have her dressing room filled with puppies to cheer her up, has a reputation as a diva that she works hard to maintain, be it by posting photos of herself on Instagram training in the gym with high heels or dressing very elegantly. The singer traveled to Aspen to celebrate Christmas with her twins and her boyfriend Bryan tanaka, Y on Wednesday the 22nd she went by surprise to a McDonald’s restaurant dressed in a red party dress, with an impressive neckline and adorned with sparkling crystals of the same color.

This year the music star teamed up with the fast food company to create his own menu., consisting of a Big Mac hamburger, six McNuggets and a cheeseburger, and also giving one of those products to anyone who spent more than a dollar on an order placed through the application.

The first thing Mariah commented upon entering the premises was that the light seemed unflattering to her. and that she hoped she had chosen a suitable outfit for the occasion. The waiters at the establishment gasped when they recognized her, and she explained that she only wanted a cheeseburger, although she didn’t know who to order it from. He also took the opportunity to see the paper bag that was created with his name and pose for several photos with the employees.

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