Mariana Boots mourns the death of a very loved one

Mariana Boots who has established himself as part of the cast of a “Family of Ten” shared a message on his social networks in which he confesses that he has just lost a very loved one. We tell you who it is and what the actress wrote.

The actress revealed that she is facing the death of her beloved dog named Leyla. For this reason, she decided to remember her memory with a beautiful message and several photographs in which they appear together.

In addition to his recent death, Mariana Boots He has been going through some very difficult days, because before he was struggling to overcome the dog’s illness Leyla who was sick but they could not give a diagnosis or proper treatment so she ended up dying.

“They were very complicated weeks because no matter how hard we took her to several doctors, they couldn’t find what she had,” she said.

This is the message with which Mariana Boots remembers her beloved pet

Leyla, the deceased dog of Mariana Boots. Mariana Boots before and after her surgery.

Finally, Mariana Boots revealed that they suspect Leylahis pet, had a heart problem but nothing could be done: “He gave signs that it could be something in his heart, but his little body couldn’t take it anymore. But hey, he’s resting now.”.

Also, this is the message that the actress put after Leyla passed away:“Fly high beautiful Leyla… we are going to miss you a lot. You will always live in our hearts, princess”.

He thanked all his followers for the comfort and support that all his fans and loved ones are giving him. Luckily, he still has the company of his two other pets named Bimba Y Bantu. Find more news of your favorite celebrities in AmericanPost.News.

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What happened to Mariana Boots?

Mariana Boots before and after her surgery.

The famous actress Mariana Botas was in recovery after an aesthetic repair was performed that required surgery to remove her double chin and Bichat bags. She commented that it was a process that she really wanted to do and she was very happy to have fulfilled a goal in her personal life.

Also, now that she has more security, the actress does not miss the opportunity to show off her heart attack situation on her social networks.

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