Mariana Ochoa could have been pregnant by Daniel Bisogno; he calls her “ungrateful”?

Mexico. Years ago Mariana Ochoa and Daniel Bisogno had an affair and she could have been pregnant with him, reveals Pati Chapoy in the Windows program.

A controversy broke out on social networks after allegedly Daniel called Mariaa “ungrateful” and in Ventaneando they addressed the issue; the famous journalist denied everything, in addition Pati Chapoy said that Mariana could have had a child with him.

“She had a good time with Daniel, I’m going to window her, because one day you came very worried, telling me that Mariana had told you that she was possibly pregnant,” Pati said in relation to her knowledge that Mariana and Daniel always had an excellent relationship as a couple .

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And it is that Pedro Sola said that Mariana supposedly said in another program that Daniel was the man with whom she regretted having an affair, and Pati Chapoy came out in defense of “El Muñe”.

“That day you came here very worried, with me,” says Pati, while Pedro Sola asks: “There was everything…?”, and Paty affirms: “of course there was everything…”.

Daniel then refers that at the time Mariana took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, but admits that when they were a sentimental couple they had a very happy time and have pleasant moments that they lived together.

Daniel regrets that “someone” has invented that he accused Mariana of being an “ungrateful” woman, He totally denies it, while Mariana expressed that she loves Daniel very much, denied that at some point she also expressed that she regretted having a relationship with him.

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Mariana Ochoa and Daniel Bisogno were dating 14 years ago, and after their breakup he began a relationship with fellow actress Fran Meric, who today is the wife of singer Raúl Sandoval, a former member of La Academia.

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