Mariana Ochoa tests positive for Covid-19 at the start of the OV7 tour

last minute Mariana Ochoa has confirmed via social media that tested positive for covid-19 and in such a way he will not be able to appear in the next concerts of the tour of OV7 by the National Auditorium, how much extremely like life and embarrassed with the public that so much wanted to see her live.

The singer clarified that after feeling bad, she immediately went to the doctor to take a pcr test, which was positive and from that moment she isolated herself from the rest of the group, who tested negative for said test.

And it is that after starting the tour for the 30th anniversary of OV7, the only one of all the members who had not contracted said virus was precisely Mariana, for which she was completely vulnerable after being exposed to quantities and crowds of people.

Mariana Ochoa tests positive for Covid-19

Mariana Ochoa tests positive for Covid-19

How we previously informed you in AmericanPost.Newsthrough her social networks the singer confirmed that she tested positive for Covid-19 and therefore must be isolated and not presented in the next commitments of OV7.

“I feel very sad for not being able to be on stage with you today ��…, I actually felt bad and ran to the doctor and tested positive for Covid for the first time since this pandemic began,” he reiterated.

In addition, Mariana indicated that it is a show in which the 7 members of the group have left their hearts on top of the stage and for which she asks the audience to be patient with her because she is ready to return on tour.

“Subject to discharge from her doctor, we estimate that Mariana will rejoin the tour for the concert on September 17 at the GNP arena in Acapulco,” the statement ends.

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OV7 kicks off their 20th anniversary tour

After 2 years suspended in the archive and after the fight between its members, it finally started this past Friday in Monterrey, Nuevo León, the tour of the OV7 30th Anniversaryone of the most successful groups since the 90’s in our country.

Now after the absence of Mariana Ochoathe group 0V7 reiterates that the celebration for the 30 years will continue and they will leave their soul on stage so that their fans do not feel the absence of their beloved Mariana.

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