Mariana Rodríguez has consequences of the vaccine against COVID-19

Mariana rodriguez, First Lady of Nuevo León, announced through her social networks that had certain sequelae from the COVID-19 vaccine after receiving the booster dose at the border with the United States, for the Omicron variant.

As the influencer also said through her social networks, she accompanied her husband, the state governor Samuel García, to the vaccination program for minors, with which more than 100,000 children have been vaccinated.

All the month of December she has been very active in the DIF Cocoons, as she has been visiting the place practically every day to meet the needs of the minors, it was even announced that Mariana saved Christmas for the children there, who did not they were going to receive gifts.

Mariana Rodríguez talks about her discomforts

The influencer let it be known that she could not sleep The influencer has a degree and is academically prepared

The young woman who became viral due to ‘phospho-phospho’ traveled with García to McAllen to take a group of children to receive the second dose of the vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, and they took the opportunity to apply the booster vaccine.

After being inoculated, the first lady of Nuevo León supported the children who were afraid and hugged them to make them feel better without knowing that six hours later, she would begin to feel bad.

“The vaccine already hit me,” Mariana said from her Instagram account.

He commented that shortly after 3 in the morning he began to feel bad and that even Samuel also had some discomforts.

Although the couple did not specify what they were feeling, they said they were happy to feel this and not the effects of the Omicron variant, which has caused an increase in infections worldwide since its discovery in South Africa.

What did Mariana Rodríguez study?

The influencer has a degree and is academically prepared

She has a degree in Organizational Psychology from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, and also stood out as an influencer on social media making make-up and review videos.

Mariana Rodríguez is the first lady of Nuevo León and in addition to standing out for her dedication, she recently stood out for a speech in English that she gave and which surprised many people.

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