Mariana Rodríguez is beaten by a child from DIF Capullos

Mariana rodriguez, wife of the governor of Nuevo León Samuel García, spread on social networks the moment in which a boy hit her in the face during one of his visits to the DIF Cocoons from Monterrey.

Rodríguez Cantú, who along with his spouse came to the government of Nuevo León last October, gave his followers a lot to talk about due to the surprise of the slap that the boy gave him.

Just two weeks ago AmericanPost.Newss shared with his readers that Mariana Rodríguez had saved Christmas for underprivileged children in Monterrey, and in general she tends to be very kind to the minors who need it most, which is why she gave a very accurate explanation of the incident.

Child beats Mariana Rodríguez

The video only shows Mariana’s immediate reaction to little Nacho’s slap. Rodríguez began her husband’s term of governorship with a radical haircut.

In the video that the influencer shared on Instagram, the child is seen throwing a tantrum, so at that moment Mariana said “Hey, Nacho no!”, And in unison the little boy slaps him.

In her publication, the first lady of Nuevo León wrote: “Gajes del deicio. It hurt a lot, why am I lying to them … both emotionally and in pain … patterns that must be broken.

Asked by her followers about what circumstance led the child to attack her, Mariana replied that it was a lawsuit between two children: “He was fighting with the boy next door and I said ‘hey, nacho, no’ and puum.”

Later, the 26-year-old businesswoman also shared a “selfie” in her stories in which she took the incident with humor, stating that it was a “good madrazo” that “restarted Windows.”

Mariana Rodríguez’s haircut

Rodríguez began her husband’s term of governorship with a radical haircut.

Just under two weeks after Samuel García took office in Nuevo León, Mariana Rodríguez shaved her hair to show solidarity with a child with cancer who is being treated at DIF Capullos.

As head of the new state government office, “Amar a Nuevo León”, Mariana Rodríguez has been quite involved with Neolonese childhoods and every day she shares stories of her experiences with the minors she helps.

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