Mariazel steals hearts with her party look

the sports driver Mariazel has become one of the most beloved personalities on the small screen of Mexicodue to her knowledge in sports, beauty and her good humor.

That is why she has many followers on her social networks who are aware of the details of what happens in the life of the famous.

For this reason, a photograph of him has become a trend in recent days because he showed his outfit to party during his weekend at the beach.

Mariazel’s party outfit

The host and acriz showed a colorful dress to party in Playa del Carmen The star of Me Caigo de Risa is one of the most beautiful women in the show

With a long dress with prints and an orange color on the chest, the beautiful driver was partying at Carmen beach.

Immediately the publication drew thousands of sighs because, as we have told you in AmericanPost.News, Mariazel She is one of the drivers who turns on the networks with her figure.

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Mariazel and her work

The star of Me Caigo de Risa is one of the most beautiful women in the show

The beautiful host and star of Me caigo de risa, has also participated in sports spaces such as La Jugada, TDN; in addition to participating in Las estrellas bailan and Inseparables.

His great love for football and for the Pumas and Barcelona is no secret as he has openly expressed his support for these teams.

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