Maribel Guardia boasts in networks how she prepares to show off on stage

Maribel Guardia, the talented actress, is currently working on a great play called “Lagunilla mi Barrio” which is being a complete success. In addition, the role of the actress is quite a sensation.

In case you haven’t seen the play, the actress shared a photo on her social networks showing her followers how she prepares to look prettier than ever when she gets on stage to play her role.

Likewise, it shows which staff help her characterize herself for the play. It’s about her makeup artist and her outfit designer. So the actress thanks them for all her work.

This is what you see in Maribel Guardia’s publication

Publication of Maribel Guardia. Age of Maribel Guardia:

The famous former beauty queen, Maribel Guardia, shared on her official Instagram account the two professionals who prepare her to play her character “Doña Lancha”, in the famous play known as “Lagunilla mi barrio”. This is the message that the actress wrote:

“With my two angels, my designer @alexmata21 and my makeup artist @mexicanmakeupartist. Ready for @lagunillamb. The neighborhood is carried in the heart”.

We also take the opportunity to tell you that you can see the incredible performance of the beautiful Maribel Guardia in the new installment of “Corona de Lágrimas 2”.

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How old is Mrs. Maribel Guardia?

Age of Maribel Guardia:

The famous Maribel Guardia is 63 years old and still shows that she retains her incredible figure and beauty. Although it has changed over the years, what the actress looked like at 18 when she was Miss Universe recently went viral.

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