Maribel Guardia shows off her silhouette with a stunning pink bodysuit

Maribel Guardia is undoubtedly one of the most followed women in the entertainment world, thanks to her incredible talent and charisma that she shows in every one of the projects she is part of, not to mention her beauty, which is why she is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Mexico.

In this sense, in American Post News, we tell you that she has given you something to talk about for her daring publications with which she manages to captivate her millions of followers, who are not reluctant to send her compliments complimenting her sculptural silhouette that has managed to steal sighs to more than one.

And despite being an artist who stays away from controversy, she is also a woman who always knows what to say to the media who question her about certain situations that some of her colleagues with whom she has shared one or more projects are going through.

Maribel Guardia’s outfit

Maribel Guardia in the play “Lagunilla mi barrio”

Through a publication on her official Instagram account, the beautiful actress showed her charms with a pink outfit, revealing her exercised legs and her “wasp waist” that she has managed to maintain thanks to her diet and exercise.

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It is worth mentioning that this outfit is part of her character in the play “Lagunilla mi barrio,” in which she shares the stage with talented artists such as Albertano, Violeta Isfel, and Laura León, many others.

How old is Maribel Guardia?

The actress Maribel Guardia

The famous actress is currently 63 years old. She has left many people with their mouths open for the impressive figure she shows off in every photograph she shares, as well as in the different projects she participates in and the events she attends.

That is why she shows that age is not an impediment to looking beautiful, besides having good health and vitality to continue working.