Maribel Guardia: This is how she looked when she participated in Miss Universe

the beautiful Maribel Guardia She is just a few months away from turning 63 years old, however, she is still positioned as one of the most beautiful women in the entire entertainment industry and this time we will remember what she looked like when she represented Costa Rica with dignity in miss Universethe most important beauty pageant on the planet.

Maribel del Rocío Fernández García, as the actress is really called, was born on May 29, 1959 in San José, Costa Rica (a fact that few know) and although there is little information about her first years of life, it is known that since she was A teenager began to attract attention for her imposing beauty, so she began to participate in different beauty pageants.

Despite her current age and already being a grandmother, she still looks radiant, which has caused many questions about her way of preserving her physique, in fact, as we informed you in AmericanPost.News, she has already talked about her great “anti-aging” secret. ensuring that it uses stem cells.

This is what Maribel Guardia looked like in Miss Universe

The most important pageant of her career was the Miss Universe held in 1978 and the coincidence occurred that this edition will be held on the paradisiacal beaches of Acapulco, Guerrero and despite the fact that the young Maribel Guardia did not do very well in the pageant of beauty, being in Mexico changed her life completely.

What is the reason? After the contest, she caught the attention of different producers who invited her to participate in the entertainment industry, thus opening up a range of multiple possibilities to venture into the media.

Regarding the Miss Universe pageant, Maribel Fernández, as she was known at that time, was out of the first places, however, she managed to keep the “Miss Photogenic” award.

Later, Maribel Fernández entered the Televisa Center for Artistic Education (CEA), then called the Sergio Bustamante Academy, where she studied acting, singing and dancing for a couple of years before taking the stage name of Maribel Guardia and starting her artistic career. in the theater and a few months later in the cinema where he was able to have a greater projection until he became one of the greatest figures in entertainment.

How long did Maribel Guardia last with Joan Sebastian?

The love relationship between the late singer Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia lasted just over 4 years, as a result of this relationship their son Julián Figueroa was born.

Their relationship ended due to infidelity on Joan’s part, as revealed by the actress herself, and said extramarital affair was with Arleth Terán, which was revealed through the show program “Ventaneando” so the impact was still older when he heard the news on the national network.

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