Maricruz Pérez, the young police officer who confronted drug traffickers in Mencho territory and killed them at point-blank range

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office located three cars allegedly linked to the murder of the commander of the El Salto municipality Police Station, Maricruz Pérez Partida, and three more people occurred in an area where the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and its leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes aka El Mencho, have their main center of operations.

The vehicles were burned over a gap that communicates to the municipalities of The jump Y Juanacatlan, at the height of the El Zapote ejido.

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Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, state prosecutor, reported that the units that are probably related to the events are joining the vehicle that was initially located in the vicinity of the area of ​​the multi-murder that occurred in the Santa Rosa del Valle neighborhood.

So far there have been no major advances than the evidence found at the crime scene and those insured inside the car. Among the lines of investigation the possible intervention of organized crime is mentioned.

The crime against the commander

Hitmen aboard three vehicles ambushed the victims and fired at them with AK-47 and AR-15 rifles, of which a total of 49 casings and three useful shots were found, a fact that shocked their community by the fury with the that the crime was carried out, as his murder also left three young children orphaned.

Maricruz Pérez Partida, was 32 years old, when on July 26 when the hitmen fired directly at her.

Relatives, friends, colleagues from the El Salto Police Station and even various municipal and state authorities attended the tribute to the present body of Commander Maricruz Pérez Partida, on Plazoleta Benito Juárez, just in front of the municipal Presidency.

Commander Pérez Partida was three years old, as she entered the El Salto Police Station on September 2, 2018 and made important arrests for two years and seven months, so just a few months before her murder she was promoted.

The interim municipal president, Guadalupe Torres, recognized the courage of Commander Pérez Padilla, and promised that death will not go unpunished.

While Ricardo Sánchez Berumen, Jalisco Security Strategic Coordinator, described the Commander as a hero, he also promised that her family will not be left unprotected and that they will be given support.

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