Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash

  • They compare the death of Marília Mendonça with that of Jenni Rivera
  • Both lost their lives in a plane crash due to work reasons
  • The two were very famous in their respective countries and celebrities regret games

The death of the Brazilian singer Marília Mendonça has caused a commotion not only in her country, but in Mexico, as many followers remembered the death of Jenni Rivera “La diva de la banda”, since the circumstances in which they lost their lives were similar : both in a plane crash and the first was going to give a concert, while the second finished giving a presentation in Monterrey, Nuevo León, according to the SDP news portal.

Marília Mendonça, one of the most popular singers in Brazil and winner of a Latin Grammy, died on Friday in a plane crash on her way to a concert. I was 26 years old. Mendonça’s press office confirmed his death in a statement and said four other passengers were also killed on the flight. The plane crashed between Goiania, where Mendonça resided, and Caratinga, a small city in the state of Minas Gerais, located north of Rio de Janeiro.


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The civil police of Minas Gerais also confirmed the death of Mendonça, without providing details about the cause of the accident, which occurred shortly before his landing. Photographs released by police showed the plane near a pool. Mendonça had published a video hours before in which he appeared walking towards the plane with his guitar case.

Mendonça was nominated for the current edition of the Latin Grammy, which will be delivered on November 18 in Las Vegas, in the category of best sertaneja music album, the Brazilian equivalent of country, for “Patroas”. In 2019 she had won the award for “Em Todos Os Cantos”, and in 2017 she had been nominated in the same category for “Realidade ao vivo em Manaus”.

Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera: WHAT DID NEYMAR SAY ABOUT THIS DECAY?

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The rising star was known for addressing feminist themes in her songs, including denunciations against men who control their partners and calls for female empowerment. On Friday night, the news of his death generated a wave of sadness on social networks from all corners of Brazil, with messages from fans, politicians, musicians and footballers. His Instagram account has 38 million followers.

“I refuse to believe it, I just refuse,” wrote Brazilian soccer star Neymar, who was a friend of Mendonça. The Brazilian government also expressed its condolences. President Jair Bolsonaro used social media to mourn the death of “one of the greatest artists of her generation.” “The whole country receives the news in a state of shock,” said Bolsonaro.


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According to SDP, some Internet users could not miss the opportunity to buy the death of the Brazilian with the American singer of Mexican origin. “It’s as if I was reliving the pain when Jenni Rivera,” they said after the news was generated, some even compared their life stories.

Some more users commented: “In the style of Jenni Rivera”, “Similar story of life, improvement, talent and even death of Marília and Jenni Rivera”, “Marília Mendonça is then the Brazilian Jenni Rivera?”. Internet users also made a comparison of their artistic careers, “Both women struggling, successful and killed in a plane crash, both divas are already legends,” they wrote.

Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera: “WOW HISTORY IS REPEATED”

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Some comments that were made on the page of El Gordo and La Flaca were the following about the plane crash: “The aircraft was left whole plus the impact and trauma to the bodies when the aircraft collided. It is seen that the pilot and copilot navigated the aircraft well so as not to see the broken aircraft. Rest in peace”.

Some more commented: “Wow history repeats itself”, “woo I remembered the tragic death of Jenny Rivera”, “what a shame to lose my life so tragically, Peace for her soul”, “how sad, a beautiful voice! So young, God hug you ”,“ she was the best! A hug to heaven, Queen! “

They cry because he left his 2-year-old baby in the orphanage

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The singer who died in a plane crash was also famous for romantic songs that spoke of the loss of loved ones. “You always make me cry, you are unique and eternal,” tweeted fan Michelle Wisla. Mendonça is survived by a son who turns 2 next month and left in the orphanage, a detail that made the departure of the Brazilian artist more tragic, for which many today mourn him.

The Latin Recording Academy mourned this Saturday the death of Marília Mendonça, one of the most recognized singers and composers of the Brazilian music scene and who was nominated for the awards given by this organization on November 18 in Las Vegas. Filed Under: Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera


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“She was a promising young singer-songwriter, and was the voice of a whole new generation of Sertaneja music in Brazil,” said Manuel Abud, executive director of the Academy in a statement. He recalled that Mendonça was nominated for the first time for the Latin Grammy Award in 2017 under the category of Best Sertaneja Music Album, one of the most popular styles of the South American giant.

The artist went on to win that award in 2019 in the category of Best Sertaneja Music Album with “Em Todos Os Cantos”, which included a series of concerts recorded in all the capitals of Brazil, according to the Academy. “We will miss Marília Mendonça very much, but her legacy will live forever in her music. Our condolences to his family at this difficult time, ”said Abud.


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The Minas Gerais Fire Department reported that the singer died after the impact of the twin-engine plane in which she was transported with four other people, who also died, this after a preliminary report made at the scene.

However, the authorities must investigate the causes of death and issue an opinion in the coming days. His death has left a great void in the hearts of Brazilians and for this reason the artists, famous from all walks of life and politicians, have sent condolences to his family. Filed Under: Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera

Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera: DID YOU FAKE HER DEATH?

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Even some users began to suspect, like Jenni Rivera’s death, that the Brazilian singer had supposedly faked her death, rumors that always circulate when a famous person dies. And it is that one of the doubts of the people, is that for them, the plane was practically intact, unlike the aircraft in ka that the Diva de la Banda was traveling, which was shattered after the impact.

That is one of the doubts that people have that one plane was left almost intact and the others were left in pieces, so some people, when Jenni Rivera died, came to think that the plane did not fall, but had supposedly been attacked in the air, but they were only assumptions made when an artist dies in tragic ways, accidents or in inexplicable acts.


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A great commotion caused the news of the sensitive death of the Brazilian singer Marília Mendonca, 26, after the plane in which she was traveling fell unexpectedly, so many could not help but remember Jenni Rivera, who died of similarly on December 9, 2012.

Hours after this news, the last photograph of the interpreter was revealed, who is a reference of contemporary Brazilian music, especially Sertaneja music. Unfortunately, the singer who died as Jenni Rivera, captured on board the plane, did not imagine her sad outcome. Filed Under: Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera


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Through her official Instagram account, where she has almost 40 million followers, the singer who died as Jenni Rivera, Marília Mendonca, shared a photo with her mother, to whom she dedicates an emotional message as if she had sensed that this it would be the last that would make him arrive alive.

“I got up early to get a bouquet and a breakfast basket for you. I organized it, hahaha… do you see how I am an adult? I don’t know when you’re going to read this and if you’re going to read it (hangover right baby) But I’m here to remind you once again how much I love you. her care and affection go beyond the limits of being a mother ”. Filed Under: Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera


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“This is reality, my people! LOL. Tell me here in the most delicious comments of this wonderful state that is Minas Gerais! “, Wrote the singer who died as Jenni Rivera to accompany this publication that would be the last one she made before losing her life tragically at 26 years of age. age.

In just a few seconds, you can first see Marílina Mendonca carrying her suitcase and her guitar about to board the plane in which she would lose her life: “Weekend of shows in Minas Gerias”, the composer also wrote ( TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Filed Under: Marília Mendonça Jenni Rivera