Marilyn Monroe film starring Ana de Armas postponed until 2022

Ana De Armas – Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images.

Ana de Armas will star in the Marilyn Monroe movie. Under the name Blonde, the film will tell the biography of the iconic pop culture figure. However, it seems that fans will have to wait a little longer to see it because its release has been postponed.

The production has been in the works for ten years and is planned to be released through the Netflix platform, but we will have to wait a little longer to see it because, for reasons beyond the production’s control, the decision was made to delay it for 2022.

Originally the protagonist of the Marilyn Monroe movie would be Naomi Watts. Later, Jessica Chastain was considered; finally, the role was left in the hands of 32-year-old actress Ana de Armas.

Blonde is based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel with the same name and was directed by Andrew Dominik. It is not known if a theatrical release is planned for the film. However, fans are hoping that it will be and that they will be able to see Ana de Armas on the big screen.

Few details are known about the story. Still, it is known that it will recreate the beginnings of the actress and will cover her life until her tragic death in August 1962 due to an overdose of barbiturates. The film is currently in post-production.

The Cuban actress will share credits with Adrien Brody, who is also a familiar face in Hollywood, having starred in the hit drama The Pianist.

Ana de Armas joins the list of actresses who have played Marilyn. In 2001 Poppy Montgomery starred in an adaptation of the actress, and in 2012 Michelle Williams won a Golden Globe for work in My Week with Marilyn.