Marimar Vega married Jerónimo Rodríguez in Acapulco

Photos: Instagram @marimarvega / @jero_rod

Marimar Vega joined his life with Jerome Rodriguez this weekend in an intimate civil ceremony that took place in Acapulco. The actress shared some details of the party through social networks and from the early hours of this Sunday an image of the lovers at their wedding began to circulate.

It was in August 2021 when Ungrateful Fortunea jewelry brand, published a photograph of the protagonist of Valentine’s wedding wearing a beautiful engagement ring. The piece came to the fore, while the actress’ surprise was captured in the background as she covered her mouth with her other hand. From that moment began to speculate about a possible wedding.

The publication unleashed a wave of rumors among Internet users and the general public, since the artists did not deny or confirm the information, in addition to the risk that everything was an advertising Turk because said brand published the photograph and did not the couple. However, by then the couple had not made their romance official either, it was until October of that year when they made it public.

(Capture: @chamonic3/Instagram)
(Capture: @chamonic3/Instagram)

After approximately six months since the rumors, the couple united their lives in marriage last Saturday, February 26, in an intimate meeting that took place in Acapulco, Guerrero. Contrary to what was speculated, the lovers were not married on the seashore but in a hotel, as can be seen in the photograph recovered by the account @chamonic3 that went viral this Sunday morning.

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