Mario Irivarren and Vania Bludau: “They didn’t give a single sun for our relationship”

mario irivarren Y vania bludau were the couple, after Yiddá Eslava and Julián Zucchi, Who received the most applause on the pink carpet of the avant-garde premiere of ‘Do we get married? Yes, my love’, and They commented that both do their part to continue building their relationship, but they rule out getting a tattoo that symbolizes what they have.

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The public loves them…

(M) Yes, the truth is that the people were very nice and affectionate.

They look good as a couple.

(V) Thank you and that they did not give a sun for us.

Who said that?

(V) Reinaldo Dos Santos and I will always say it, because he gave us a maximum of three months together.

But a relationship is built when those involved decide to love the other person.

(Ixacto and we both put our share to move forward.

And who has more patience in the relationship?

(V) Depends, I think both.

(M) According to the occasion.

(V) Yes because we both have our character.

I see your tattoos, have you had any that symbolize your relationship?

(v) No, not at all… I’ve seen that they even name it, but it doesn’t work.

(M) I do not agree that you tattoo your partner’s name, tattoo your mother’s name, daughter, but your partner, wife or the date of the courtship, no. I think that for both of them it is not the best way to show love for another person.

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On the night of February 2, the avant premiere of the national comedy “Shall we get married? Yes, my love”, which was attended by various well-known characters from the world of entertainment and local entertainment, including Mario Irivarren and Vania Bludau, who experienced a peculiar moment when they confused the model.

Everything happened during the pink carpet of the film, when a reporter approached Mario Irivarren and Vania Bludau; however, when calling them by name, he confused the model and called her “Ivana”. The reaction of the couple was immediate.

After realizing his mistake, the reporter repeatedly apologized, but Vania grabbed him by the neck with her two arms and whispered something in his ear.. For his part, Mario Irivarren raised his knee. Of course, the fact did not happen to adults and the couple declared to the media without major problems.

The incident was recorded in a video shared by Instarándula’s social networks, where you can hear the confusion in the name and see how Vania reacted to being confused by the name of Mario Irivarren’s ex-partner.

It should be noted that other companions of Yidda Eslava and Julián Zucchi arrived at the avant premiere, such as Melissa Paredes, Georgette Cárdenas Fiorella Rodríguez, Merly Morello, Saskia Bernaola, Patricia Portocarrero, Santiago Suárez among others.


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