Marjorie de Sousa boyfriend Vicente Uribe finally presents it officially

  • Marjorie de Sousa finally presents her boyfriend Vicente Uribe
  • Julián Gil’s ex received many criticisms
  • Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend was the object of ‘condolences’

After much speculation that she was in a new relationship after her stormy courtship with Julián Gil, now Marjorie de Sousa boasts a boyfriend and is the businessman and activist Vicente Uribe and the couple made an appearance at a fashion event where he paraded the Venezuelan.

Months ago it was said that Marjorie de Sousa was very much in love with a mysterious man about whom little was known, however, she was in the midst of the scandal for the custody of her son Matías, procreated with Julián Gil, from whom she finally won his parental authority and perhaps because of that, Vicente Uribe had been kept “secret,” but that has already changed.

Vicente Uribe is Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend

Instagram: Wake up America

This week, Marjorie de Sousa was invited to a fashion show by a magazine and the Venezuelan wore a powerful pastel blue dress with gray and brilliants that highlighted her sexy figure and made her look more beautiful than ever and empowered, stealing the glances of all attendees.

However, the news was that before starting the event, the Venezuelan ex-Julián Gil posed with her boyfriend, the businessman and social activist Vicente Uribe, on the red carpet and the couple spilled a lot of honey, making their relationship official before the eyes of the media, it hadn’t happened.

Marjorie de Sousa is finally officially seen with her boyfriend Vicente Uribe

Fashion show Marjorie de Sousa with her boyfriend

The two in a very elegant way and according to the event to which they were invited, posed very proud and happy showing off their relationship, months ago, however it was not until this moment that Marjorie de Sousa decided to make it official and that people could comment on your new partner.

Vicente Uribe was interviewed months ago by the cameras of ‘Despierta América’, with various social projects, one helping homeless children to obtain food and the other, the liberation of a famous elephant that lived in captivity and abuse, so his activism It is a positive aspect to highlight from the entrepreneur as well.

What do people think about Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend?

Marjorie de Sousa attended an event with Vicente Uribe

Through the Instagram of ‘Chisme en Vivo’, the photograph of the couple posing at the magazine event was shared and the comments of the people did not wait, however, most were directed to Vicente Uribe receiving condolences and support to ‘bear’ Marjorie de Sousa:

“Poor thing”, “My condolences to the Lord, has he already forgotten Julián?” The toxic one ”,“ For this woman to get pregnant, she must go to an invitro insemination laboratory ”,“ That guy must put on a double condom because no man wants to get her pregnant, ”people began by mercilessly attacking Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend.

They ask Vicente Uribe, Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend to take care of himself

Vicente Uribe, Marjorie de Sousa's boyfriend

And it is that no matter how much activism Vicente Uribe does, unfortunately he will have to get used to being called and seen as ‘the boyfriend’ of Marjorie de Sousa, and that is why people do not forgive by commenting on him and warning him to take care because things with the Venezuelan could end wrong, giving the clear example of Julián Gil:

“Poor man”, “That man is too small for him! What did he get into! Hold on !!! ”,“ Let the man hold on! ”,“ The next victim, get ready because this woman is bad ”,“ Poor man, I don’t want to see his future, the best solution would be for him to try That BAD RAT decided that Matías met his father Julián ”,“ He doesn’t know what he got into with that woman ”, more people said.

Just a few months ago, Marjorie de Sousa continued to throw hints at her ex Julián Gil

Vicente Uribe boyfriend Marjo

The controversy does not stop and does not seem to go away so easily: The Venezuelan actress, Marjorie de Sousa reacts forcefully to the comment of her ex-partner, the Argentine actor, Julián Gil and affirms on video that no one can harm you if you do not allow it. Could it be that this answer is the end of the hints?

The hints have not stopped between the actors Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa, and it is that after the Venezuelan has not let Julián see his son Mateo, the Argentine actor and she have started a ‘pitched battle’ full of hints and comments that do not go unnoticed by anyone, and this time was no exception. Filed Under: Vicente Uribe, Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend.

Julián Gil reacts to the photography of Victoria Ruffo and Marjorie de Sousa

Julián Gil reacts to the photography of Victoria Ruffo and Marjorie de Sousa
PHOTO: Instagram

And it is that, since more people began to get involved in this, the problem grew and grew, to such a degree that more artists have been affected. The anger of the actor Julián Gil came since the actress Victoria Ruffo published a photograph next to Marjorie de Sousa after her ex, Eugenio Derbez, gave support to the Argentine Julián Gil regarding his current situation, where he also confessed that he had been through the same thing.

Given this photograph, it seems that the Argentine did not take it well, since through his Instagram story, he sent a somewhat direct comment for both actresses, because yes, Victoria Ruffo was also involved in this: “Disgust. God raises them and they come together. You cannot justify the unjustifiable in life, period ”. Filed Under: Vicente Uribe, Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend.

Marjorie de Sousa reacts to the message of her ex Julián Gil

Marjorie de Sousa reacts to the message of her ex Julián Gil
PHOTO: Instagram

After this, the entertainment portal People in spanish, revealed a video where Marjorie de Sousa reacted to the comment of her ex Julián Gil, and through another hint, she sent a response to this surprising answer for her followers, defending herself against the words of Julián Gil.

In the video, later published by a fan account of the Venezuelan actress, she decided to put a face to her message, and even accompany it with music, where Marjorie de Sousa argued that ‘no one could harm you if you did not allow it’ , unleashing endless comments about it. Filed Under: Vicente Uribe, Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend.

“No one can hurt you”, she reacts to her ex’s message

VIDEO: Instagram

In the short clip, Marjorie de Sousa appeared, while in the background you could hear a song by the Spanish artist Bebe, however, what was most surprising was what the lyrics of the song said, arguing that ‘nobody could harm you’. Is this a hint for your ex Julián Gil ?:

“Today you are going to discover that the world is only for you, that no one can harm you, no one can harm you”, this last verse was even sung by the same Venezuelan actress. And, despite the fact that neither of the two actors mentioned the names of whom their comment was directed to, their followers and fans captured who they had been for. Filed Under: Vicente Uribe, Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend.

Followers send a message of support for her after the words of her ex Julián Gil

Followers send a message of support for her after the words of her ex Julián Gil
PHOTO: Instagram

In the video, where everything seemed to indicate that Marjorie de Sousa reacts to the comment of her ex Julián Gil, many followers sent several messages of support for the Venezuelan, applauding her that she ‘did not get carried away’ by the actions that her ex Julián Gil was causing:

“The truth is that you are doing very well, very elegant by not responding to your ex’s idiocies”, “Bravo for your elegant response for someone so small that he does not recognize that he lost a battle for not admitting that he was wrong”, “When a woman he decides not to let himself be humiliated further, as he puts on the witch’s costume. Every womanizer finds his ”. Filed Under: Vicente Uribe, Marjorie de Sousa’s boyfriend.

Comments are divided

Comments are divided
PHOTO: Instagram

However, that does not mean that there were no followers on social networks who reacted negatively to the video of Marjorie de Sousa, since some Internet users were in favor of Julián Gil, arguing that one day their son would grow up and become I was going to give an account of the kind of person that the Venezuelan was:

“Marjorie de Sousa, remember that everything in life pays off sooner or later, I do not wish it, but it will be so, I send you blessings, respect so that they respect you, let the little one grow up”, “May God allow me to see great to your older child, just like to José Eduardo, who is already with his father Eugenio Derbez, nothing prevents them from reuniting with those they love, because they are of the same blood and against that no one can, the years go by super fast “, he said. could read in the messages. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO Some images of this note come from this and this videos.

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