Mark Wahlberg to Raúl González: “The truth is that you look fabulous”

Raul Gonzalez with Mark Wahlberg.

Photo: Wake up America / Univision

Wow, the truth is that you look fabulous, help me“…These were the words he said to her Mark Wahlberg to Raul Gonzalez when visited ‘Despierta América’ this morning to promote his new movie, ‘Father Stu’ and was impressed with the presenter’s physical change.

Raúl, who was accompanied by Karla Martínez for the interview, surprised even more with his answer: “It has been a very big process where, I tell you quickly, that you have been a great part of that inspiration, thanks for doing what you doas you show that in life changes everything can be achieved”.

After this introduction came the questions about the movie and his real life character. However, the actor was so amazed at González’s change that he self-interrupted and said the following:

I want to congratulate you again, because I said: ‘I think I know this boy?’… And when I saw your photograph from before then I said ‘yes’… You have changed so much, I congratulate you very much, God bless you“.

The presenter returned the courtesy by confessing that precisely the protagonist of his film was the one who most inspired him to change: God.

It has been a change from within and I think that the relationship with God is definitely what has influenced my change.“, Told him.

As we told you above, before the congratulations of Mark Wahlberg, Raúl González told him that the actor had been a big part of the inspiration for the change, we communicated with the Venezuelan presenter to ask him what he was referring to and told us the following:
He, The Rock, several of the people I follow have that philosophy of starting to live at 3:30 am. In fact, Mark has something called ‘The 3 in the morning Club’… I have always followed him because of that, because he left his bad habits, he gave up alcohol, drugs, was involved in various scandals and transformed his life and for me he is a source of inspiration”.

Let us remember that on February 14, Raúl González shared with his public the secret of living his best version after many attempts, failures, surgeries that did not work for him.

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