Marlene Favela and her daughter fall in love posing on the beach in the same swimsuit

Last weekend Marlene favela She showed off her slim figure in a bathing suit again, but she did not do it alone, since she also he fell in love with thousands of fans posing with his daughter.

After finishing the recordings of the telenovela ‘La Desalmada’, the beautiful actress took a well-deserved vacation to the beautiful coast of Acapulco, Guerrero, to where of course she did not travel alone, since she did it with her inseparable daughter, little Bella Seely.

And it was through his official Instagram profile, where he not only showed his statuesque figure while walking on the beach, as he also exposed one of his best facets to the camera, which is that of mother. This is how he managed to get thousands of reactions by sharing a touching postcard in which he looked practically identical to his little Bella.

We … Bella I love you“Was the phrase that accompanied the photograph that is about to reach 90 thousand red hearts.

Posing in front of the Acapulco sea, mother and daughter appeared with the same black swimsuit model, in which some wine-toned details that fall on the shoulders stand out.

In the comments section, his followers praised the tremendous body that he maintains at 44 years old, but they also referred to how beautiful they both look.

With a similar publication, the actress and her almost two-year-old daughter appeared on the beach with the same type of garment, where they stopped for a moment to be captured by the camera.

However, this has not been all, since days before the beautiful Mexican actress delighted the pupil of almost 5 million users who follow her on her social profile, where she modeled an elegant red bathing suit that revealed the beauty of her perfect curves as she steps out of the pool.

In another image, the businesswoman also appeared sitting on the edge of a swimming pool, where she once again gave a class of elegance by wearing a black swimsuit that she accompanied with a hat in the same tone.

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