Marlene Favela confessed why she left “The Lord of the Skies”

Mexican actress, Marlene Favela shared an intimate moment with her YouTube followers, there the actress took the opportunity to confess the real reason for which he had to leave the successful series The Lord of the heavens when he gave life to Victoria Nevarez, during the second season of the series in 2014.

Marlene Favela, during the course of the first day of March, carried out a dynamic through a round of questions and answers through her YouTube channel, in which she delved into the reasons that led her to end her character in the successful drug series.

The actress recalled that when she joined the production of The Lord of the heavens there were plans that his character from The Governor was active during the second and third seasons; however, there was something that prevented him from staying in the project and he could only do the second session of the story starring Rafael Amaya.

(Photo: Instagram/@marlenefavela)

“’La Gober’ played in the second and third seasons until that moment, it could last more seasons, it was not known, but until that moment they offered me the second and third seasons of The Lord of the heavens. But I had another project on the horizon at that time that I had already talked to Televisa about, it was already very cooked, so I told them: ‘Well, I’ll just do the second one’”he recalled.

“That’s the reason why Victory it comes out in the second season, if we hadn’t seen it in many more seasons and it would have been very pretty, but sometimes one has to say no to projects due to unrelated circumstances”, concluded the 44-year-old interpreter.

In this context, it should be remembered that in February of this year, Telemundo He reported that The Lord of the heavens will return with its eighth season and which will mark the return of Rafael Amaya as Aurelio Casillas. The last time the Mexican actor starred in the production was in the first chapter of the seventh season, just to say goodbye to his iconic character.

La Desalmada will occupy prime time on the Las Estrellas channel (Photo: screenshot/
La Desalmada will occupy prime time on the Las Estrellas channel (Photo: screenshot/

This is not the first time that the actress says goodbye to a character that enters the taste of the Mexican public. In mid-August 2021, the actress who gave life to Leticia Lagos de Toscano in the production of Televisa, he decided to communicate to his more than 5 million followers that he would separate from the telenovela starring Livia Brito.

The actress published a series of photos with her colleagues, where she thanked them and dedicated a tender message: “Yesterday I said goodbye to one of the most beautiful projects of my life! I take the best of every moment! Goodbye my beloved #leticialagos giving you life was a pleasure and I’m going to miss you!” Said the actress who gave life to Patricia Campos-Mirandto in the melodrama Passionate heart.


Likewise, Favela affectionately said goodbye to Leticia Lagos, thanked the producer and the public: “Thank you @elgueromex for this beautiful opportunity! I wish my colleagues success wherever they go, working with you was a treat! ”, The native of Mexico City wrote on that occasion to fire her character in the Televisa production.

He also tagged a large part of the cast and received words of affection from his colleagues such as Ana MartinAzela Robinson, Edward Santamarina and Marjorie deSousa, who said nostalgic at the end of the recordings. “I’m still in the process, I find it hard to believe that we’re done, I’ll miss you so much”, Marlene Favela finished.


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