Marlene Favela impresses with her beauty posing in a bikini and without a drop of makeup

Last August, Marlene favela Her participation in the telenovela ‘La Desalmada’ culminated, so she decided to take a well-deserved vacation on the beach, from where she shared a series of photographs in which she posed with an elegant bikini that highlighted the beauty of her curves.

After her successful return to Mexican soap operas and the launch of her cosmetics line, the actress resumed her role as a mother and traveled to the beautiful beaches of Acapulco, Guerrero, with her inseparable daughter Bella.

It was through her official Instagram account, where the beautiful television star attracted the attention of nearly 5 million followers, before whom she posed with an elegant two-piece swimsuit in green, with which her shocking figure stole the hearts of at least 143,000 fans who reacted to the post with a “like.”

And it is that, in the first image, the protagonist of ‘Wild Cat’ appeared posing with a white hat with which she covered her beautiful face completely natural, that is, without a single drop of makeup.

While the second postcard showed a spectacular landscape of the port of Acapulco, where she was the center of attention, as she captured all eyes leaving the view perfect figure that he possesses at 44 years.

Days before the native of Durango shared, she impacted showing the world her beauty with a series of photographs with which she made it clear that age is not an impediment to looking radiant and spectacular, because wearing tight dresses that exposed her stylized figure to the maximum, she confirmed that it is one of the sexiest moms in the show and also within said virtual community.

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