Marlene Favela’s ex reacts to her daughter’s beauty and sends a loving message

Marlene Favela’s ex reacts to her daughter’s beauty and sends a loving message

The actress Marlene favela surprised his followers of social networks with a tender photograph in which he boasted what big and beautiful what’s your firstborn a few days away from celebrating his second birthday, but he not only received compliments from his fans, the proud dad, George Seely, did not hesitate to admire the beauty of his daughter.

Next October 12 Bella Seely It will turn its first two years of life, so to show how much her famous mother has grown, she shared a beautiful postcard through the little girl’s Instagram account, where she already exceeds 300 thousand followers. As it was expected shone with its own light and captured the eyes of thousands of people.

Although she has always shown great style to pose in front of the camera, in the image that registered more than 20 thousand likes, you can see Bella most smiling while modeling a red dress that made her look like a whole doll, managing to soften the social networks.

Nevertheless, Bella didn’t just steal the hearts of netizensbecause it was his father, George seely, who took the snapshot in his personal profile within the same social network, where he accompanied it with a message in which he recalled the great celebration that is yet to come.

My little girl will be two very soon. I love you Bella, God bless you always“.

This is not the first time that the Australian-born businessman reacts or shares an image of the owner of his heart, as it was last July when he took a couple of photographs of his daughter’s christening to his social profile, and although in This time he could not attend, he remembers it every chance he gets.

Of course, in one of the images he couldn’t help flatter not only the beauty of your daughter, but of your ex-partner, the talented actress from “La Desalmada.”

And it is that, in the image, the television star appeared with the little girl in her arms and huge golden wings behind them, an image in which Seely shared his feelings with the phrase: “What a great photo. I wish I was there“, Showing that, although they have not been a couple since December 2019, they maintain a good long-distance relationship.

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