Martha Higareda and the sexy tube dance that drove Instagram crazy

Martha Higareda captivated all the gentlemen thanks to a new video that he shared without any shame in his official account of Instagramin which he appears starring a sexy pole dance while showing off the spectacular body that he has at 38 years of age through a simple but very flirty outfit.

In the clip we can see the actress, who at that time was modeling a white crop top blouse and tiny purple shorts, show off their tube skills to an acoustic version of ‘Believe’one of the most famous songs of the American singer Cher.

According to the message that accompanied this sexy video, which is already among the main news of the Mexican show business, this is his second pole dance classwhich has caught the attention of some netizens, who assure that she looks like a professional.

It should be noted that everything seems to indicate that the actress is learning this discipline as part of the preparation of her character in an upcoming film project, of which not much is known about yet. “Dare to learn something new… The acting profession takes us to unexpected places,” he wrote on Instagram.

More celebrities enjoy pole dancing

María León has shown on more than one occasion that she has a great talent for pole dancing. After conquering Mexican cinema, the actress is determined to forge a successful career abroad.

You should know that Martha Higareda is not the only celebrity who has been encouraged to show off your pole dance skills on social mediaWell, a few months ago we let you know that Itatí Cantoral starred in a sexy dance from the tube, which was applauded by all his fans.

Another star worth noting is María Leónwho during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic offered some classes in this discipline to his followers on the social network Instagram, where he also shares sensual dances that drive more than one crazy.

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How did Martha Higareda become famous?

After conquering Mexican cinema, the actress is determined to forge a successful career abroad.

According to information circulating on the Internet, which AmericanPost.News bring for you Martha Higareda began her career as an actress in 2000 but it was not until two years later that rose to fame after starring in the film ‘Amarte Duele’. From then until now, his name has not stopped appearing on movie billboards in Mexico.

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