Martha Higareda boasted her close friendship with Aislinn Derbez: “I love that you are part of my life”

Photos: Instagram @marthahigaredaoficial / @aislinnderbez

Martha Higareda touched social networks by dedicating a meaningful message to Aislinn derbez and to put a stop to the beautiful relationship of friendship that both have preserved despite the distance and the passing of the years.

During yesterday afternoon, the protagonist of Loving You hurts surprised the firstborn of Eugenio Derbez with a post he made on his Instagram profile where he tagged it. For no reason, Martha Higareda made a nice gesture for the actress, whom she has recognized for several years as one of her best friends.

For this, the native of Villahermosa, Tabasco resorted to one of the viral challenges that usually appear on social networks. In this case, the dynamic consisted in that the author of the publication had to choose the friend who is always present in his mind, then select a photograph or video where they appear together and accompany the image with the following message: “You are a very special person to me”.

(Capture: @ marthahigaredaoficial / Instagram)
The actresses began their friendship thanks to the projects they participated in together. (Capture: @ marthahigaredaoficial / Instagram)

This is what Martha Higareda did on her Instagram profile. The 38-year-old artist chose a cute postcard where she posed with Aislinn Derbez while they were holding hands. In the image you can see the actresses looking stunning in dresses; the actress of Don’t stain, Frida wore a long and loose black garment, while the protagonist of Bad he figured with another in a wine tone, which reached up to the middle of his legs; both completed their outfit with some hats.

The moving moment did not stop there, as the Tabasqueña added a message of her own in her publication, where she hinted at the fortune she feels for having a strong friendship with the member of the Derbez dynasty. Minutes later, Aislinn noticed her friend’s gesture and thanked her.

I not only love you, I love that you are part of my life, Aislinn”Wrote Martha Higareda. “Awwwww thanks !! I also love having you in my life. Miss you!!“Replied the actress from The house of flowers along with some emojis with a love face and red hearts.

(Photo: Aislinn Derbez's Instagram)
(Photo: Aislinn Derbez’s Instagram)

The publication of Martha Higareda was not long in being filled with compliments, messages of love, affection and good wishes for Mexican actresses. Most of the comments focused on highlighting their looks and their friendship; so far, the posting is about to exceed the 400 thousand “likes”.


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