Martha Higareda calls Yanet García a liar and “La Chica del Clima” does not remain silent

Yanet Garcia / Martha Higareda.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

After Yanet Garcia expose your ex Lewis Howesand her sudden courtship with Martha Higaredathe latter did not remain silent and was forceful in assuring that what “La Chica del Clima” said is a lie.

This was stated by the actress during an interview with the program ‘Venga la Alegría’, where she reiterated that her boyfriend is a person of integrity that “every time he has a relationship, he stays with that person and with that relationship”, so that it seemed very sad that the driver referred to the speaker in that way.

He was forceful in assuring that what Yanet García recently said through the stories of his Instagram account is not true.

“It seems very strange to me that she tells that story because, well, I can say it with all her letters: It’s a lie.”

Martha Higareda

Likewise, she ended the speculations of an alleged infidelity, as she assured that she began her courtship when Howes was already single, which she verified through her social networks.

“He he didn’t message me on my instagram until he was singlethe first thing I did was go to his Instagram to find out about him. I saw his social networks and he did not have any photos with a girlfriend or anything,” he said.

But that was not all, as she added that both Lewis and she came from “very parallel” relationships, because one of her ex-boyfriends was diagnosed with narcissism, revealing that this could also be the case with Yanet García.

“It was very strong when I met Lewis and We both told each other stories, he about other exes in his life, I’m not going to say which ones or anything because it’s not necessary and I’m not going to say who either, but what I’m going to do is that life lessons are similar“, he explained.

“The Weather Girl” reveals her ex’s infidelity

However, the heated bickering war did not end there, because this Tuesday Yanet Garcia resorted once again to Instagram stories to deny Martha Higareda showing evidence of what she discovered about her ex’s relationship with the film and television star.

And it is that, in a series of slides, the exuberant model showed that her ex-boyfriend was unfaithful to her.

He is such a person of integrity that he was unfaithful to his ex-girlfriend of years and she exposed him on social networks because he sells an image that is not “it reads in one of the post.

Likewise, in continuous stories, he added screenshots of a photograph of Lewis Howes in Tulum, showing that he was not lying when he said that they were together two weeks after their courtship ended. In addition, she shared some interviews with Martha Higareda in which she does not know what to answer when asked about her courtship and the date it began, because in one of them she says that their relationship began in June, the same month that Yanet García and Lews finished. While in a last interview conducted by Yordi Rosado, she refused to say when they had their first kiss.

Yanet García talks about her ex Lewis Howis and Martha Higareda. Photo: Instastory Yanet Garcia

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