Martha Higareda enjoys success and millions: “I have this voice and now we have to use it for good”

Martha Higareda.

Photo: Latin Icons / Courtesy

It seems that everything that Martha Higareda touches becomes a successis one of the actresses and producers with the most projection in Mexico and abroad, his podcast, ‘Infinito’, and the one he shares with Yordi Rosado ‘Con Todo Un… Mucho’are among the most listened to in that format and, in addition, she is presented as a millionaire celebrity in networks.

In an exclusive interview with Martha Higareda, we talk about her successof his secret and confesses to us what lies behind everything he has achieved: “I have this voice and now we have to use it for good.”

-What did you discover in the podcast format?

Martha Higareda: It’s very different from radio, it’s very different, obviously, from movies and television. When I’m making movies or I’m doing a series, they usually give me the dialogues and I study and so, in the podcast format it can be meI can talk about whatever I want, make jokes, tell stories, interview people that I wouldn’t normally do in any of these other formats. In infinities it is as if we were with you, sitting in the living room of your houseme talking, as I would talk with a friend, gives me much more that freedom to be me.

Martha Higareda happy with her podcast. Photo: Latin Icons

-Throughout the different episodes you provide help tools. What has helped you or surprised you?

Martha Higareda: It has surprised me in many things, especially when it comes to doing the research I am talking about, and when it comes to having guests, very cool… I Marta am learning a lot and in others we are two people who are sharing knowledge, that we both know, and that we agree on certain issues.

-What does the public tell you?

Martha Higareda: They like it very much. Infinite It was created with the aim of power, especially in the times we are livingto be able to have an expansion of consciousness, an openness to understand what is happening in the world, and also understand that we have the power to generate between us and within us our own peace. I am a person who, thank God, I have applied certain methods to achieve my goals.

Martha Higareda happy with her podcast with Yordi Rosado
Martha Higareda happy with her podcast with Yordi Rosado. Photo: Latin Icons

I was a girl who grew up in Tabasco, where there was nothing to do with acting, and little by little I started doing things and became one of the most important actresses in Mexico.producing movies, do many things, so I share with you, through this podcast, many tools that I have learned and those that I am learning. When people start applying them, they write to me on the podcast saying: “Marta is working for me, I managed to materialize this, my family and I listen to your podcast and we have grown together, I managed to heal these scars that I had emotional with my mom, with my dad, I am improving my relationship as a couple”. It’s nice that people are working.

-One of the letters of introduction that they send us to the press, in addition to your great acting career, is that you are a millionaire in networks. What does being a millionaire in networks mean to you?

Martha Higareda: First of all, I feel super grateful to the people who follow me on different social networks, both on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It means a responsibility, a great responsibility and a great joy, it means that together we have created this community, a closeness with the peopleWhy? Because normally you make a movie, a series and you don’t see people’s reactions, you can’t feel them yourself… I am very dedicated to them in the sense that I read the messages, I answer, I greetas if it makes me feel much closer to all the people, that means, closeness, a lot, a lot, a lot of love and also the responsibility of: “Oh thank you that I have this voice and now we have to use it for good”.



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