Martha Higareda prepares for a new character, with target practice

Through their social networks, Martha Higareda boasted his target practice, where he also thanked his profession for giving him many lessons, it is believed that the actress would be training for a new character in acting.

Wearing a pink dress and holding a gun, Martha Higareda was very focused during one of her target practice sessions.

To accompany the photograph, the actress wrote that the actor’s life always brings many learnings.

Before the recent publication, rumors have emerged that assure that the actress would be preparing for a new character.

In 2021 in AmericanPost.News We tell you that Martha Higareda confessed that she chose to freeze her eggs when she divorced, after dating for seven years.

Martha Higareda on Instagram

The actress would be preparing for a new character Martha Higareda shares reflections on social networks

Through her official Instagram account marthahigaredaoficial, the actress showed off her shooting practices, the photo already exceeds 230 thousand “likes”.

“In the life of the actor they teach us many things, one of them is to learn to shoot,” wrote Martha Higareda.

Martha Higareda is one of the most outstanding Mexican actresses and has participated in 30 films and 13 television programs.

The actress also stressed that her work as an actress has allowed her to live many lives and professions.

“I have been a student, a nurse, a police officer of the future, a lawyer, a tarot reader, a waitress, a strawberry girl, a teacher, a rebel without a cause and Renata,” she said.

With the humor that characterizes her, Martha Higareda also mentioned ‘Renata’, an iconic character from the movie Amarte Duele, in which she was the protagonist, among her professions.

Martha Higareda reflects on Instagram

Martha Higareda shares reflections on social networks

The protagonist of Amarte Duele, not only shares photos of her day to day, but also constantly gives her followers reflections of love and forgiveness.

His first reflection of the year was dedicated to self-love and love of neighbor. His publication reached more than 113 thousand ‘likes’.

“It’s not just about self-love and feeding your self. It is also about loving your neighbor while loving yourself too,” wrote Martha Higareda.

Similarly, on January 12, the actress dedicated her social networks to talk about forgiveness: “Forgive the people in your life. Even those who haven’t apologized to you. Resentment is a poison that harms only you,” said the actress.

fans of Martha Higareda They react to all the publications of the actress, who remains active on social networks. So far it is not known what will be the next draft of the actress, however it is expected to confirm it soon.

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