Martha Higareda responds to Yanet García, about the infidelity of Lewis Howes

Recently, Yanet Garcia revealed that it hurt a lot to see her ex-boyfriend Lewis Howes with Martha Higareda, just two weeks after finishing, insinuating infidelity. Now it is the actress who responds and assures that it is a lie, because they started dating when he was single.

On AmericanPost.News we have previously let you know that Yanet García insinuated that her ex, Lewis Howes, did cheat on her with Martha Higareda, after a fan asked her for advice in a question and answer session, since she had just ended a relationship and her boyfriend already was dating someone else.

The driver replied: “I understand you perfectly. The same thing happened to me, I ended up with my ex and after two weeks he was already with Martha in Tulum”.

This statement implied that Lewis Howes had been unfaithful to him with Martha, so the actress did not remain silent and in an interview stated that it is a “lie”.

Lewis Howes and Martha Higareda

Martha Higareda affirms that Lewis Howes was not unfaithful to Yanet García

In an interview for the “Venga la Alegría” program, Martha Higareda completely denied that Lewis Howes was unfaithful to Yanet García.

“It is very sad that I put it that way, because obviously that is not true. Lewis is a very person of integrity and every time he is in a relationship he sticks with that person and that relationship.”

Mexican actress Martha Higareda also said that Lewis Howes wrote to her on her Instagram when he was already single and the first thing she did was go to his Instagram to investigate if he was in a relationship.

She says that on his social networks he did not have photographs with “any girlfriend”, so she says that it is unusal for Yanet García to tell the story in that way, because it is a “lie”.

Yanet García launches against Martha Higareda

Yanet García shared through networks statements against her ex and Martha Higareda

For her part, the driver Yanet García did not remain silent, so she responded through social networks to Martha Higareda, facing her recent statements.

“He is a person ‘so upright’ that he was unfaithful to his ex-girlfriend of years and she exposed him on social networks, because he sells an image that he does not represent.”

Yanet followed her statements with the phrase: “Is it a lie? She says that she broke up with Lewis on May 13 and in June he was already with Martha in Tulum.

It also shows a fragment of an interview with Yordi Rosado, where she asks Martha Higareda, when was her first kiss with her current boyfriend, however, she does not answer, to which the driver affirms that it is one more clue of the infidelity of Lewis Howes.

Until now, Martha Higareda has not made any statement regarding Yanet Garcia, however it is likely that she will.