Martha Higareda would have ended her relationship with Lewis Howes, Yanet García’s ex

During the last few months, actress Martha Higareda has been boasting about her love for Lewis Howes, Yanet Garcia’s ex-boyfriend. However, rumor has it that their romantic movie has come to an end, and this has given a lot to talk about.

According to information from TVNotas, the couple has decided to end their relationship, which was allegedly revealed after he posted a somewhat “strange” message talking about love as a couple.

It was through his Instagram profile that the speaker posted a fragment of an interview talking about love as a couple, explaining that sometimes love is not all that is needed for two people to be united.

Lewis Howes revealed that it is important for a couple to be on the same path, with the same values, and with a vision of what they both want because if, in the end, they want different things, it probably won’t work.

Lewis Howes hinting at his relationship with Martha Higareda

You can love someone but if you don’t have the same Values it won’t work. If you don’t have the same Vision of where you both want to go it won’t work. And if you don’t have the same Lifestyle it will struggle. It doesn’t have to all be the same. But there needs to be alignment. Do you agree?” he said in the publication.

Immediately, rumors began to spread, and Internet users began to draw their own conclusions, where they understood that it was very likely that he had ended his relationship with Mexican actress Martha Higareda and the support among comments was not long in coming.

So far, neither Martha nor Lewis has commented on the matter. Although they have not been seen together for some time, they have not deleted any of their romantic photographs, the hope that they are still together.