Martha Julia goes out of her way to praise her ex, Gabriel Soto, is she still in love?

Mexican actress, Martha Julia He has not been able to avoid talking about his ex-partner Gabriel Sotoafter fate was in charge of bringing them together again thanks to the remake of the telenovela “La Madrastra”, where both participated, for which he decided to fill it with praise.

After Soto stated that he was 12 years old without coinciding with his ex-partner, Now Martha Julia confessed that she does not dislike being asked about the actor.

“All my life, after, I think I hadn’t seen it for years, anyway, they kept asking me, imagine now that they brought us together in the project, because obviously they had to ask us both”expressed the artist with a big smile in an interview for the Hoy program.

Because a long time ago he declared that Gabriel Soto was the love of his life and this caused a stir in the press and his followers, The artist stated that from now on she will be careful with what she says, although she stressed that she does not dislike being asked about him.

“Gabriel is a wonderful person, he is a great guy, so we like him, the truth is, I like him, of course there comes a time when you say you have to respect, he has his partner, you have to respect and you don’t have to talk anymore , because when you say a little thing they make it huge, so yes, you make mistakes, but we’ve already learned “

Martha Julia

Immediately afterwards, Martha Julia showed the affection she has for Soto. “He is a gentleman, he is a great man, he is a very noble man, me too, you know perfectly well that all my life I have spoken wonderfully, he is the most polite man I have ever met in my entire life and of course I will always speak good of him”.

Finally, The actress assured that she would have no problem performing intimate or romance scenes with her boyfriend for more than two decades..

“Of course! That’s why we dedicate ourselves to this, because we are not making a reality, and if there are people who can identify with our characters, but we are not making a truth, we are making something fictitious that does not exist”Martha Julia

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