Martina Vismara pulls the bikinazo and shows off her tattoo on the beach

Very fond of summer outfits, Martina Vismara take advantage of the sun’s rays and show off your tattoo on top and pull the bikini so as not to miss a single detail, so that in seconds it completely monopolized the spotlight on social networks.

And it is that the famous A model originally from Italy, she has not stopped causing a furor when it comes to swimsuits, since she has shown that although there are low temperatures where it has even been snowing, she never ceases to amaze with that ability to look like a Goddess.

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It was through his official Instagram account that Martina Vismara achieved its mission to make a waste of beauty while wearing nothing more and nothing less than a eye-catching white topcito swimsuit, a very peculiar long-sleeved design to prevent the sun’s rays from burning your arms.

So the new style to show off the white swimsuit, took the looks of locals and strangers, the model sat on light wood to show off in front of the camera lens and with the sea behind her pulled the bikinazo to show off that tattoo that is marked on the skin.

Although it is not possible to distinguish the typography of the legend that is tattooed, the truth is that his followers wrote to tell him that it was very well done, they also asked him if it had hurt him since it is an area that seems to be more delicate, however, that depends on the pain threshold that each person has.

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The influencer’s postcards ended up receiving more than 285 thousand ‘like’ reactions in the form of the well-known red hearts, which is the way in which likes are given on the famous little camera social network.

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