Martino de Rosuan’s predictions for these celebrities

If there is someone close to several celebrities and always reveals some predictions of them, it is the tarot reader Martino de Rosuan, who gave his forecast for these celebrities who are in the middle of the controversy.

In a telephone interview for THE DEBATE, the so-called “Star Tarot reader” said that one of the issues that interests everyone is the health problem caused by Covid-19, which will continue permanently in the coming months For this reason, he recommended that all citizens continue to take care of themselves and more with the new variant called Ómicron. He warned that in the month of March there will be an upturn in infections.

Silvia Pinal

After the health problems of the first actress Silvia Pinal, who was hospitalized because of the coronavirus, Rosuan revealed that the Mexican film diva will not be in danger of death this yearSo much so that it was before the New Year’s Eve that the lead actress left the hospital where she had been treated after suffering from the fashion virus.

Silvia Pinal actress and producer.

Luis Miguel

But the one that will remain in the eye of the hurricane again is the “Sun of Mexico“, when facing a scandal related to a woman. The controversy could be compromising images, which put him in an unfavorable situation for him, however, by the middle of the year the singer releases new music.

Luis Miguel, singer

Ninel Conde

Another of the celebrities who gave what to talk about in almost all of 2021 is the “Assassin Bombon”, but it seems that the balance will begin to tip at her side and this year the issues with her husband, businessman Larry Ramos, are left behind , but nevertheless, what related to his son in the first three months of 2022 are not solved.

Ninel Conde, actress and singer.

Belinda and Christian

Both singers have starred in countless moments, from the delivery of the expensive ring, to an alleged slap that Nodal would have given to Beli when they were in a restaurant. But in the personal case of the sonorense, it is the problem with his label, which according to national media, both parties would not have agreed with some contract clauses. Given this, Martino said that it will not go beyond that and that both the singer and the label will end in common agreement. He anticipated that Belinda’s wedding with Christian will not take place in the first six months of this year.

Belinda and Christian Nodal, singers.

Vicente Fernandez

De Rosuan also predicted the success of the Vicente Fernández series, as well as for that of Gloria Trevi; Kate del Castillo with “La Reina del Sur”, and about the Mexican regional, said that it will continue to rise.