Maryfer Centeno deciphers truth in David Grusch’s testimony on non-human activities

Body language expert Maryfer Centeno analyzes David Grusch's testimony on alien encounters, revealing signs of truth and stress.

The normally quiet realm of UFO studies has been rocked in recent hours by revelations that have sent shockwaves through the global community, some of which have been met with skepticism and even fear. David Grusch, a former U.S. intelligence officer, testified before Congress that the U.S. has recovered not only an extraterrestrial spacecraft but also non-human biological material from within the craft.

Speaking before a subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives tasked with investigating unidentified phenomena or sightings, Grusch stated that the U.S. government has been privy to “non-human activities” since the 1930s. He further disclosed the existence of several clandestine programs dedicated to studying alien technology, which he himself was not permitted to access.

While being questioned by Congresswoman Nancy Mace about the government’s potential interactions with extraterrestrial intelligence, Grusch declined to comment publicly. However, he did confirm the discovery of non-terrestrial spacecraft debris, as well as “non-human” biological remains found inside.

The global community was swift to respond to these bombshell revelations, with many expressing doubt about their veracity. There are those who speculate that Grusch may have fabricated his entire testimony. For those skeptics, Maryfer Centeno, a body language expert, and graphologist, has a response.

Centeno dedicated her expertise to analyzing the video of Grusch discussing the presence of extraterrestrial life on Earth. She claims that while his demeanor displays obvious signs of anxiety, there is a fundamental truth and confidence in his declarations.

“His hands are interlocked, a clear sign of stress. He is conscious of every word, every gesture he makes, as he must be careful not to reveal too much. This results in a visible combination of stress and self-censorship,” she explained. “Yet, his thumbs sticking out between his clasped hands, a gesture of confidence, stand out.”

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According to Centeno, Grusch’s facial expressions also reveal a lot about his emotional state. His raised eyebrows and surprised look suggest he himself is taken aback by the implications of his own statements.

“He is biting his lip, indicating that he is holding back information,” Centeno observes. “Yet, his immediate and assured responses, particularly when asked about the non-human nature of the remains, are strong indicators of truth.”

Centeno pointed out Grusch’s immediate response to the question about the origin of the remains, interpreting this as a sign of the truthfulness of his claims. “He answered immediately,” she said excitedly. “From a congruence perspective, his immediate response, his surprise, and his fear all indicate that he is not lying.”


In addition to these signs, Centeno noted that Grusch’s dimples are visible when he speaks, signifying a sense of helplessness due to his inability to disclose everything he knows. She concluded, “Given the gravity of the subject, he is legally obliged to tell the truth, and there is no evidence of deception here.”

Centeno emphasized that Grusch’s gestures when viewed collectively, convey a compelling message. “His voice is firm and serious. His responses are quick and unhesitating. He is not contemplating his answers, but delivering what he believes to be the truth, and he does so with conviction,” she said.