Marzipan Wrap Tattoo, TikTok’s New Viral Challenge

Viral challenges gained great popularity on the short video platform TikTok and this time the new challenge that is putting users to the test is to perform a tattoo with marzipan wrapper, how is this possible? In AmericanPost.News We bring you all the details.

Let us remember that this candy made from almonds and sugar became popular in Mexico thanks to the De la Rosa candy company, founded by Jesús Michel Gonzalez in 1942, since then and until today this dessert remains one of the favorites of the Mexicans.

Years ago, children who bought this candy could have the famous rose tattoo red on the skin, since it was enough to rub a little alcohol on the part where you wanted the tattoo and then put the candy wrapper. This was possible thanks to the materials with which it was made, but what is the reaction with the current new wrapper? Users put this viral TikTok challenge to the test and this is what happened.

Marzipan Wrap Tattoo Challenge

The challenge is to get a wrap tattoo

TikTok users put this challenge to the test under the hashtag “Marzipan Challenge”, replacing alcohol with perfumes and to the surprise of many, the packaging of this treat still continues leaving the rose tattoo.

The challenge arose thanks to the video shared by the Instagram page “CDMX_oficial”, where the user identified as Luis Padilla (@_noebrito_) explained how to create a tattoo with the wrapper of the Mexican candy, which he claimed he did when he was a child.

The challenge gained popularity among TikTok users, who did not hesitate to test the wrapper for this dessert that quickly became a trend on the short video platform.

What are viral challenges?

The viral challenges they are a way to generate interactions between users. The challenges consist of performing a specific behavior or activity and friends, followers and acquaintances must imitate it as a test. If the viral challenge of marzipan wrapper tattoo If you liked it, we recommend the challenge of the ritual of matches on TikTok.

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