Mass Shooting in Pinochos Bar in Amozoc Escalates: Five Dead and Six Injured

Amozoc's notorious Pinochos bar witnesses another tragedy - five dead, six wounded including three officers, with investigations underway.

In an unfortunate turn of events, a late-night shooting at the popular bar ‘Pinochos,’ now known as ‘Tijuanitas,’ in the municipality of Amozoc, Puebla, In Mexico, resulted in five deaths and six injuries, including three police officers. This incident took place in the early hours of Friday, June 23rd, 2023, on the federal highway to Tehuacan at the height of Infonavit Bugambilias.

This tragic event occurred just one day after violent events in Coronango, where an armed confrontation also resulted in two fatalities in the Misiones de San Francisco subdivision.

Around 4:50 a.m., an armed group of approximately 15 people aboard two pickup trucks reached the bar and opened fire. Their first victim was the parking attendant (the so-called ‘viene viene’ in Mexico), who lost his life right at the scene, according to the local witnesses. The armed group then moved into the bar, firing at civilians, resulting in three immediate deaths.

Three police officers, two from the Municipal Police of Amozoc and one from the State Police were wounded during the shooting. The injured officers are Juan M., Juan G., and Fernando. Their current health status is unknown. Three civilians inside the bar were also injured.

Following the shooting, all injured individuals were taken to a nearby hospital.

Unfortunately, a 50-year-old man succumbed to his injuries in the hospital later that day, escalating the death toll to five. The State Public Security Secretariat stated that the Mexican State Attorney General’s Office is leading the investigation, and so far, no arrests have been made.

The shooting scene included a state police patrol car with several gunshot wounds.

The Pinochos bar, notorious for its past linked with assaults and shootings, was allegedly shut down in January 2023 after a shooting left three people wounded, including a state policewoman.

Originally located in the Joaquín Colombres neighborhood in Puebla, the bar had been a target of multiple assaults. Following a fire incident suspected of arson, the establishment was relocated to the federal highway to Tehuacán in 2019. The establishment has since been the location of two shootings in 2023, the earlier incident in January.

Back in April 2022, a separate violent event led to a waiter being injured after an armed group attacked the bar following a brawl in a nearby establishment.

Further information regarding the victims of this recent shooting is yet to be released. The State Attorney General’s Office continues to investigate this grim incident.