Mass shooting reported in Wisconsin, 17 injured

On the night of Friday, May 13, a new mass shooting but this time in milwaukeein Wisconsin, United States, where 17 people were seriously injured as they left an NBA playoff game, according to the Milwaukee Police Department.

According to local media AmericanPost.NewsThe shooting took place around 11 p.m. a few blocks from the Fiserv Forum, where thousands of fans attended the Bucks’ Game 6 loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinal series hours before. .

So far this year, multiple shootings have been reported in the United States, which have put the authorities on alert, since any citizen carries weapons in that country.

10 people arrested for mass shooting

Almost 20 people were injured Authorities have acted when there are shootings

The authorities confirmed the arrest of 10 people who were involved in the terrible situation that caused injuries to 17 people between 15 and 45 years of age, some of them in critical condition.

At the scene, nine weapons were recovered; It is presumed that it all started with a discussion between the authors that later became something massive that reached several civilians present at the scene.

There have been multiple shootings of this type, but the worst that was massive in the United States was about four years ago when there were 59 deaths and almost 550 shootings.

Washington shooting

Authorities have acted when there are shootings

A few days ago there was another shooting that left four injured, including several minors; The authorities mounted an operation to find those responsible for the incident.

Unfortunately, there are many mass shootings in the United States, and schools are common sites for these events, endangering thousands of students.

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