Massacre in Colombia! Three young men were killed

Colombia.- In Colombia three young men were killed and a 16-year-old teenager is injured, the massacre occurred on Friday the 13th.

A massacre was recorded in the municipality of Bugalocated in the center of the department of Valle del Cauca, in the park of the La Revolución neighborhood where a shooting attack was recorded.

The youths were transferred to the San José hospital, where unfortunately they passed awaywhile the injured 16-year-old had to undergo surgery.

According to the Valle del Cauca Police report, the victims were identified as 25-year-old Jean Pierbi “B”, 19-year-old Mario Germán “V” and 18-year-old Bryan Stivens “R”.

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Section (Sijín) carried out the technical inspection of the corpses at the health center.

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The authorities indicated that in the middle of an operation, the alleged perpetrator was captured.

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